Monday, March 23, 2009

Bogus Boondoggle Outrage

It’s absolutely unbelievable that anyone in Congress, labor unions, or leftist political organizations can feign surprise over the “sudden” revelation of the AIG executive retention bonuses (i.e., “Bonusgate” or maybe “Boondoggle Millionaires”). It wasn’t buried on page 997 of the $700 billion Bailout Bill (TARP) where it never saw the light of day until earlier this month, as many in the media as well as Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Tim Geithner, and Barack Obama would have you believe. This, and many other significant financial atrocities were posted on the homepage back on December 18, 2008 as the headline story. It would have been difficult to miss this article, and the information in it was widely-distributed public information. Mismanagement responsibility for the bailout funds rests squarely on the shoulders of Chris, Barney, Tim & Barry. Claiming ignorance is either a collective bald-faced lie or incredible stupidity of monumental proportions, and most likely a combination of both.


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