Monday, May 28, 2018

Twitter Goes Crazy Over Picture of Caged Children Immigrants, Proving Trump is a Monster!

Except for the fact that this picture was taken while Obama was president.  Media and celebs quickly deleted their tweets exposing them as hypocritical boobs.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Starbucks Incident Promotes Weaponization of Phony Racism

Two black men come into a Starbucks and ask to use the restroom.  The manager tells them that they must buy something first.  They refuse, and sit down at a table.  The manager calls the cops and has them arrested for trespassing.  They are later released with no charges.

Cellphone video of the arrest goes viral.  Human rights groups are livid.  Charges of racism are weaponized by the legacy media to target a company and its employees.  As a result, the CEO of Starbucks apologizes to the “victims” personally and closes 8,000 stores for “racial bias training”. 

Starbucks gets what it deserves for being so stridently politically correct, but I don’t believe the Starbucks incident had anything to do with racism. 

I can see how these incidents happen, because they have happened to me.   I have been unfairly ignored, hassled and insulted (in my perception) by clerks and store managers for no apparent reason.  Perhaps it was because I was young and vulnerable or looked angry.  If I was black, I certainly would have thought it was due to racism.

Sometimes, we can escalate a situation beyond normal bounds because we are angry or feel aggrieved.  Sometimes, we encounter people who are just jerks.

Once, I went to a very exclusive private country club restaurant for lunch with a group from my office. The restaurant had recently been opened to the public for lunch only.  It was a special occasion, the birthday of one of the women in the group.  

We were young and not dressed elegantly.  I wore a long sleeve polyester shirt and corduroy bell bottoms (popular at the time).  My hair was bushy with long sideburns.  Most of the other patrons from the country club set were older and had suits and ties.  

We had trouble getting someone to wait on us. Sensing some hostility toward us, I ordered a drink at the bar to calm my nerves (actually two).  Finally, our order was taken, and two of the women (including the birthday girl) ordered steaks, well done.

When the food arrived, both of the women announced that their steaks were burnt, and they could not eat them.  Being the “senior” person at the table, I took charge and asked the waitress to replace the steaks.  She took the steaks away, but then the manager arrived at our table.  He refused to replace them due to their policy of not being responsible for well done steaks.

I refused to pay for the steaks that were taken away and not replaced, and he threatened to call the police. I dared him to. The next thing I knew, the front doors of this fancy, dark, quiet Miami Lakes Country Club restaurant burst open, and cops poured in, their radios blaring.
We all stood up at once and started a shouting match. One of the women threatened to punch the manager in the nose.  The older, well-heeled patrons were shocked.  The cops dragged me outside and into the back of a squad car. One of them looked through a paperback law book to determine what to charge me with.  He finally decided I was “defrauding an innkeeper”.  

Rather than go to jail, I relented and paid for the steaks that were not served.  I had only refused to pay $4 for the two steaks.  Right.  All of this grief for $4. Must be racism.

The restaurant had a policy of not replacing well done steaks that were burnt.  Starbucks has a policy of not allowing restroom use to non-patrons.  Managers can be jerks about enforcing company policies.

This happened in 1978. If it happened today, and we were black, the Miami Lakes Country Club restaurant would probably be shut down, and the manager would be unemployed, branded as a racist. The cops would be fired for racism as well.  Cellphone videos of the incident would go viral, sparking outrage from human rights groups and every liberal in Congress.  The incident would be national news for weeks, with CNN and MSNBC screaming for blood.

As it was, the manager was just a jerk, the cops were ignorant rookies, and I was white and powerless to do anything about it. So much for “white privilege”.  To anyone who accuses me of having that, I will tell them to GFY.

Andrew Thomas

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Report No Evil

A Tesla Roadster Is Launched To Mars, And A New Space Age Begins

Elon Musk is the world's greatest showman.  His Tesla Roadster and a dummy astronaut blasts off on a super-giant rocket called Falcon Heavy, headed for Mars orbit with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” blaring on the car radio.  The astronaut is dubbed “Starman”, after another Bowie song.  The words “Don’t Panic!” are on the dashboard.

Musk said that it took his team over three years to develop the space suit, because it not only had to be functional, it had to “look good”.  To Musk, the spectacle is as important as the accomplishment.  He understands that to be truly successful, you not only need to produce successful results, you need to excite peoples’ imaginations.

Two of the boosters landed softly, tail-end first precisely on ground pads, like something out of a 1950’s science-fiction movie.  The third is due to land on a drone barge in the Atlantic.  Musk’s next goal is to land an entire rocket in that manner, something I thought was counter to the laws of physics.  Apparently, I am wrong.  But the child in me, who watched all of those early science-fiction movies, is greatly excited.

I like to think of myself as a child of the space age.  My father worked as an engineer for NASA for 20 years at Cape Canaveral.  I got to see almost every launch, from Alan Shepard’s Mercury rocket as the first American in space to the Gemini launches to Apollo 13, all from my backyard.  My high school let out to let the students watch the Apollo 11 launch from across the Indian River.

I never got to see a space shuttle launch from the ground.  I was working in the Tampa Bay area when I witnessed the Challenger shuttle explode in midair in 1986.  My father was working at the Cape at the time, and collapsed when the shuttle exploded.  He died of an aortic aneurism two days later.

The space shuttle program was ended in 2011, but the “space coast” area had fallen into a drug-addled depression.  President Obama declared the primary mission of NASA to be “Muslim outreach”.  My brother, who worked as an engineer for a NASA subcontractor and tested the re-entry tiles on the shuttles, died of a drug-induced heart attack.

I am sure that as history unfolds, Elon Musk will get the credit for re-igniting America’s space program.  President Trump announced his support for NASA space exploration in his SOTU address, and should get co-credit.  We may be on the verge of a new millennium in space.  That is, assuming the radical leftist Dems aren’t soon back in control of the country.

But, I have a bone to pick with Musk.  He did not originate the concept of a roadster in space.  Ivan Reitman’s (pre-Ghostbuster) film “Heavy Metal” featured an astronaut in a 1959 Corvette launched from a space shuttle in the opening credits (see video below).

Also, do you know to what book the “Don’t Panic!” on Musk’s roadster dashboard refers?

Andrew Thomas
as published in America Thinker

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Were Country Music Fans Murdered in Las Vegas Because They Were “White Trump Supporters”?

The motive behind the largest mass shooting in America is still unknown.  A 64 year old balding, bearded white male American citizen leading an average life, Stephen Paddock, was the suspected shooter.  He apparently committed suicide before the police converged on his Las Vegas hotel room on the 32nd floor, where he had rained down sniper fire into a helpless crowd below using an arsenal of semi-automatic and possibly automatic rifles.    Thus far, 58 are dead, 515 wounded.

The obvious question is, why would he carefully plan and execute such a horrific plot to massacre innocent people?  Why did he presumably have such an overpowering hatred for these country music fans?  It did not take long for the emotionally disturbed wingnuts on the left to sympathize with Paddock.

Leftist teacher “Ann #The Resistance” tweets: "Lots of white Trump supporters in Las Vegas at route 21 watching Jason aldean. Pray only Trumptards died! #prayforvegas."

Hayley Geftman-Gold, a legal executive at CBS writes on her Facebook page: “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc (sic) country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”  I’m sure there will be many other leftists expressing similar sentiments of hate.

A strangely similar-looking 66 year old balding, bearded white male American citizen, again apparently leading an average, non-descript existence, was James Hodgkinson.  A Bernie supporter and Trump hater, he attempted to gun down a group of Republican congressmen at a DC baseball stadium with a semi-automatic rifle, nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise and wounding four others before being shot and killed by police.

While we now clearly know Hodgkinson’s motive, at this point Paddock’s has not yet been determined.  However, there is some evidence to suggest that Paddock may have been involved in an anti-Trump rally in Reno this past August.

Pamela Geller has posted some video and pictures on her website of a man who closely resembles Paddock, wearing a pink “pussy” hat and a NASA tee shirt.  The significance of the tee shirt is that Paddock previously worked for Lockheed Martin, a NASA subcontractor. 

If this is proven to be true, it could explain the motive of someone possibly driven by hatred of “Trumptards”.  As CNN’s Jeff Zeleny stated, “A lot of these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters.”

If this turns out to be the motive, I wonder if we will ever hear anything about it on CNN or the other news outlets.  It appears all they are interested in is using the tragedy to attack the NRA and lobby politicians and the public for more gun control.

We understand that Islamic terrorists act through their hatred of Western civilization, Judaism and Christianity.  Although there is only speculation at this point, there must be an explanation for Paddock’s inexplicable behavior. I doubt it was a dislike of country music.

Andrew Thomas
as published in American Thinker (unedited)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stupidity Is Timeless

In my younger years, studying world and American history in school, I used to wonder how people of those past times could have been so stupid.  How could people actually believe that Hitler was a righteous man?  How could they be convinced that Jews were evil, and Nazism was good?  Germans and Japanese at that time must have been crazy.

 Didn’t Americans understand that a civil war between states so close could lead to incredible bloodshed?  How could people who shared the same heritage and culture go at each other’s throats so readily?  It seemed like fantasy to me.  People must have been completely different back then, much more gullible and ignorant.

How could it have been possible for Josef Stalin to starve tens of millions of Ukrainians to death with no resistance?  How could Mao, as leader of the world’s largest population, assassinate a major portion of his own people without opposition?  It seems impossible, almost like fiction.

After 65 years of my existence, I now realize that people have not changed.  The ignorance of man is not a fantasy, it is real and enduring.

It is a different world, yet the same.   We are the same people who killed six million Jews under the Nazis, slaughtered 620,000 Americans in the Civil War, and murdered tens of millions of Ukrainians and Chinese under Communism.

In our modern, so sophisticated Western world, we welcome the conquerors and assassins of an ancient culture into our society, where they can continue conquering and assassinating us with our complete cooperation.

We welcome laws suppressing our freedom to speak, to own property, to operate a small business, and to defend ourselves.  We actively oppose the Constitution that brought us where we are today.
In America, we built a thriving civil society, amazing the world with our wealth, our perseverance, our moral strength, and our positive ideology.  We were the saviors of humanity.

And now, we show that we are truly fallible humans, in the process of destroying it all.  Being in the middle of this history, most of us can’t see it.  Having eliminated slavery and attained social justice, we demand more.  Having achieved racial equality, it is not enough.  Being the wealthiest nation of people in the world does not satisfy us.  We need total global equality and diversity on Earth for every sex, race, and religion, even if that is not rationally possible to achieve. 

The only way for the fantasy to become reality is by force.  We must suppress all expressions of resistance by making laws against speech that are counter to our objectives.  We must prevent private citizens from resisting our edicts with dangerous weapons.  We must eliminate historical references that distract the populace.  We must deconstruct society by confusing sexuality and demonizing religion.

Statues are symbols of white supremacy and Western colonialism and must be destroyed.   History must be corrected.  Books need to be burned.

Nothing has changed.  The new Antifa are the old Nazis and Communists.  It is very possible that they will grow in strength and influence.  There is currently nothing to stop them.  The Dems are on their side.  The media is on their side.  The deep state is on their side.  Merging with Black Lives Matter to increase their power is an obvious strategy.

North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela could conceivably be the bellwethers of the future of the world if America falls to the stupidity of leftist ideology. 

There is no apparent strategy from the Republican party to counter this threat.  President Trump is the only force opposing the takeover of America from the radical left.  And he is being mercilessly assailed from his own party, as well as the leftist opposition.  He could well be impeached if enough Dems are elected to Congress.  And who can predict the actions of ignorant, stupid (and illegal) voting people?

The crux of my diatribe is that the left has strength and a strategy, corrupt as it is.  The right does not.  The left has overwhelming influence in the media, education, and propaganda in the form of “entertainment”.  The right has nothing.  The left is forming a cohesive force that could disrupt the political balance of the nation, leading us into an uncharted territory of potential fascism.  Historically, we see clear evidence that this is not only possible, but inevitable.

The right must become the new resistance, using guerrilla tactics against the left, just as the left uses Alinsky tactics.  The left has acquired the power, if not the numbers.   The right has the law and the Constitution on its side, if not the leftist Obama and Clinton-appointed federal judges.  It is already becoming all-out cyber war, with the social media giants Google and Twitter (among other major players) actively blocking conservative speech.   Paypal is in the process of dropping conservative sites.  The current meme is: Conservative speech = hate speech, and must be banned.

In the new civil war, no one needs to die for their cause.  Violence is the left’s purview.  The right just needs to defeat and delegitimize the irrational ideas of the left, as well as their violent tactics.  As in the past, leftists will retreat and become pacifistic, lying in wait for their next opportunity.  But, it will not be as easy as it sounds.  A lot of social and emotional upheaval will be required for this to happen.  And we must understand that the incredibly misguided ideology of the left will never die as long as humans are involved.

Even some of the most intelligent humans on Earth are still incredibly ignorant when it comes to politics vs. reality and how to maintain our survival as a species.  We perceive things and events not as they are, but how we would like them to be in our warped little world view.  Humans lack perspective.  Otherwise we would see how petty and vile we truly are in the scheme of infinite time and space.

 May God have mercy on our poor, wrenched souls.  For those of us who try to see the perspective clearly, that’s why good beers and gin & tonics were invented.

Andrew Thomas
As published in American Thinker (unedited)