Wednesday, August 2, 2023

15 Minute Prisons

This is a city of the future being created by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.  Xiongan City is a "15 Minute City", completely self-contained.  As you may know, many US Democrats and the WEF elite have been advocating the creation of "15 Minute Cities", allegedly to reduce "climate change".

Xiongan City will have cameras with facial recognition on every lamppost.  The city will be completely walled, with checkpoints at all entrances and exits.  About 4 million citizens with low "social credit" scores (i.e., political dissidents) will be involuntarily relocated there.  It will essentially be a prison three times the size of New York City.  New movie idea: "Escape From Xiongan City".

Is this the future that Dems and the WEF have in store for us, using the excuse of a "climate crisis" to imprison their political opponents?


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Don't Call Me "White"

Leftists are very perceptive in their use of language. They realize that words are powerful. The language you use shapes your thoughts and perception of the world around you.

George Orwell understood this very well in his book 1984. “Newspeak” was Big Brother’s way of controlling the populace by reducing the language to rudimentary concepts. Anything wonderful or excellent was “plus good”. Anything evil or nasty was “ungood”. “Crimethink” was any thought that opposed the regime in power.

Likewise, the left seeks to modify our language to direct our thoughts toward concepts that are politically favorable to them. They are perverting sexuality with absurd pronouns forced on the populace like “they/them”. They are normalizing pedophilia by changing the term to MAP, or “Minor Attracted Persons”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is changing “Monkeypox” to “Mpox”, because somehow monkeys are racist and “stigmatizing” to gays, even though they continue to deny that Monkeypox is disease primarily spread by gay sex.

But above all, racial identity politics, or separating people by their skin color and provoking them into mutual hatred, is a central leftist objective. Black becomes “African-American” while White stays White. The left has defined “White” as inherently racist, prejudiced, and potentially terrorist. “White” is now automatically associated with “Fragility”, “Privilege”, and “Supremacy”. “Whiteness” has become a pejorative term, meaning “evil”.

Afro-American” or “African-American”, on the other hand is associated with a cultural pride. However, the vast majority of Black Americans are not truly African. They were born in America. Elon Musk, conversely, is an authentic African-American. He is an American citizen (as of 2002) who was born in Pretoria, South Africa.

I submit, then, that if Black Americans can call themselves African-Americans because their great-grandparents were born in Africa, then the vast majority of White Americans can identify as “Euro-Americans”.

Again, words have emotional meaning. The left views “Whites” with disdain (even if they themselves are White). However, Europeans are viewed positively. Say “White guy” to a leftist, and he/she (or they/them) will visualize a southern redneck with a Confederate flag tee shirt or a skinhead with a swastika armband.

But, say “Euro-American”, and the typical leftist will visualize a socialist Swedish blonde, or maybe a socialist hero like George Soros. If you say “It’s OK to be White” you are a racist. But “It’s OK to be a Euro-American” sounds perfectly acceptable, as there are Black Europeans as well as White.

Since my great-grandparents were born in Europe, I can legitimately identify as a Euro-American, thereby escaping the horrible stigma of “Whiteness”. I suggest those on the right side of the political scale do the same and resist the left’s manipulation of language to divide and vilify us.

Andrew Thomas

edited version published in American Thinker

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Running America on Imaginary Technology

The human mind has a specific talent for extrapolation. That is, it has the propensity to project current events and technologies along a straight timeline with a constant slope into the future, predicting what the future will look like, and when it will occur.

Unfortunately, this talent is frequently vastly inaccurate. History and human events rarely follow a straight line. Some technological advancements occur on an exponential or geometric curve, while others flatline.

In the 1960’s, it was widely predicted that we would all be flying around in jetpacks and flying cars like the Jetsons by 1980. The 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey had us flying to Jupiter by 2001 in an advanced spacecraft controlled by an AI computer.

On the other hand, the original Star Trek (1965 – 1969) , while taking place in the 23rd century had them using crude flip-phone communicators. The transporter beams were pretty cool, though. Who knows if we could ever get that technology to work.

The point is that humans continually overestimate the ability of technology to meet their inflated expectations. This is especially true when politics is part of the mix.

I have personally experienced this phenomena many times in my line of work. I was involved with teams of business people attempting to design advanced electronic business systems over the past forty years.

Over and over, the same scenarios emerged. Each team member would throw up their fantasy wish-list of impossible system operations and objectives until my head spun. No one could be dissuaded that their desires were not feasible with the current state of technology. The consultants and business system development companies would inevitably take the money and run, leaving us with products that were substandard or nonexistent.

I was a member of senior management in a division of a global corporation in the early 1980’s. Our division had a great reputation for designing and building complex electronic medical devices. One day, we were visited by several senior scientists from corporate headquarters. They wanted to know if a new product they desired was feasible.

They showed us a wooden model of a small wearable insulin pump with painted-on displays and buttons. It had tiny removable wooden memory cards that plugged into it. Today, these micro cards are common. Back then, Atari game cartridges were the smallest data chips available. They told us a development company said they could design the product and put it into production in six months.

I didn’t want to insult our scientists by calling them crazy, so I told them this company would need to have many employees with minds on the level of Einstein and Edison to accomplish this. Products on this scale of technology typically take at least ten years of development or more, sometimes with no result.

Of course they didn’t listen to me, gave the development company six million dollars on a handshake, and wound up with nothing. The development company, on the other hand, did very well and grew into a major designer and manufacturer of medical products.

Let us shoot ahead to the present day. The electric vehicle (EV) craze has struck the minds of progressives as the solution to all of our climate problems. Reason and rationality are defenestrated.

You cannot tell progressive politicians that the technology for EV’s is still in its infancy. You cannot convince them that the current state of technology makes them completely impractical and unworkable on a national scale.

We are at the same point in technological history as we were in 1896, when we transitioned from “horseless carriages” powered by steam and electric motors to gasoline engines. What we see on the EV road today will in no way resemble what the technology ultimately comes up with.

If you examine the facts, you see this is true. Current technology extrapolated into a nation of more than 250 million registered vehicles on the road will result in EV chaos.

The current electric grid will need to be strengthened by the development of hundreds of new nuclear power plants. There is no political will in this country to do that, especially among those promoting EV’s the strongest. Hundreds of new windmill and solar farms aren’t going to cut it, and will negatively impact the environment and wildlife much more than nuclear.

Electric cable will need to be buried across perhaps hundreds of thousands of miles throughout the nation to support at least 145,000 charging stations needed to replace existing gas stations. They will be required at frequencies of at least every 100 miles of road, even across the Great Salt Lake and Mojave deserts and vast mountain ranges. The logistics behind this are staggering.

Has anyone determined the economic impact of slowing road travel across the country due to the time required to wait in line at charging stations and to adequately charge an EV? What will the impact be to crime and motorist safety in inner cities or lonely stretches of road?

Billions of giant batteries will need to be built. When do we reach peak lithium or cobalt? How much of the world will be devastated by strip mining using slave labor? Where do we store the billions of batteries when they die? The potential costs to humanity and the environment are incalculable.

Since Red China is the primary source for these batteries, as well as wind turbines and solar panels, will we become economically enslaved by our dependence on these products?

Up to 17 states are geared to follow California down the rabbit hole and ban the sales of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035, just twelve and-a-quarter years from now. Have they thought ahead to all of the potential costs and ramifications of this decision? No, of course not.

This is tantamount to throwing everyone off a high cliff and expecting someone to develop a parachute on the way down. You cannot force technology advancements by political edict.

Advancements will occur over time. At some point, perhaps after most of our lifetimes, practical non-gasoline engines will become a reality. They will most likely look a lot different than the visions of today’s progressives.

Solutions involving nuclear fusion or rechargeable hydrogen fuel cells may be the ultimate result. In the meantime, the technology fairy-dusters are intent on making our immediate lives miserable by imposing their unworkable fantasies.

Andrew Thomas

as published in American Thinker 

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Recipe For A Democrat October Surprise














Start with one divisive presidential speech accusing 74 million voters of being enemies of the state. Add two Marine guards against a blood-red background for flavor. Whip up the base. Stir in a large pool of resentment and bring to a boil. Sprinkle in a large contingent of FBI operatives to mix with low-intellect stoned bloggers living in repair shop basements and calling for civil war.

Bake for a few weeks and allow resentment to rise. The FBI will supply the necessary heat and preparation to foment Insurrection 2.0. Frost the cake with the state-controlled news and social media reacting in horror and disgust at the evil, violent actions of MAGA Republicans.

This is the recipe for a Democrat October Surprise.

The corrupt media are already working overtime to set the stage by playing up the “civil war” potential and predicting violence from “white supremacists and far-right extremists”.

The President and Dems in Congress will have no choice but to react decisively to save Democracy and protect the American people from this horrible MAGA threat. The critical decision will need to be made: Will they have time for more televised show trials before the election, or should they just move on to declaring martial law and postponing the election indefinitely?

A year ago, I would have thought this scenario impossibly absurd. Of course, I also never thought an ex-U.S. president’s home could be raided by the FBI, or a current president could make such a hateful, incendiary, and shall I say, “semi-fascist” speech.

Perhaps they will not need to make that decision at all if the media does its “job” and manufactures enough hate and resentment toward Republicans. Highly edited video clips and overheated commentator vitriol can be very effective in influencing independent and passive voters who just want to live their lives without all the drama and politics. Just give the Democrats what they want and tone down the volume.

A provoked violent reaction by FBI-organized radical right-wing dupes could sway the election and allow the Dems to continue to control Congress for at least another two years. All they need is a few coordinated attacks at abortion clinics or Dem campaign headquarters. A large group of rioters calling for civil war would be perfect.

Provocation of violence was the obvious intention behind Biden’s insane speech last Thursday night.

Do not fall into their trap. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Andrew Thomas 

as published in American Thinker

Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Data Is Self-Evident: The Vaccines Are Ineffective And Dangerous

 An eye-opening article in The Blaze by Daniel Horowitz clearly shows with convincing data that the Covid vaccines reduce immune response in the first several weeks, lose their effectiveness in a couple of months, and become virus spreaders after that.

Yet CDC Director Rochelle Walensky continues to say, “The vaccines are incredibly safe. They protect us against Omicron; they protect us against Delta; they protect us against COVID."  

She believes her credibility issues are due to "problematic" messaging, not incompetence in data analysis or politically-motivated information suppression.


Monday, January 10, 2022

Illegal Drugs Are Good, But Legal Drugs Are Bad?

Has it dawned on anyone besides me that many of the people who advocate for legalization of marijuana and even harder drugs such as heroin are the same people who are aghast at the idea of free access to ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine?

Why is that? Legalizing marijuana, heroine, and cocaine opens up new vistas of revenue for start-up drug manufacturing and distribution businesses, and for new state taxes. Ivermectin and HCQ benefit very few except COVID sufferers. But they do have the potential of destroying the highly lucrative vaccine market.

The negative propaganda and absolute degradation of these potential COVID treatments are pervasive in the media. It seems like a coordinated strategic attack. HCQ is “fish tank cleaner” and ivermectin is “horse de-wormer”.

Doctors and hospitals are so spooked by the fear of retribution that there have been incidents where they wouldn’t administer ivermectin to dying COVID patients on ventilators as a last resort, even with a willing family and a court order.

A year ago, I asked my physician if he would prescribe hydroxychloroquine if I contracted COVID. He was appalled. He berated me for even suggesting such a horrible option. “It’s a dangerous drug with serious side effects”, he bellowed.

I kept my mouth shut, but I had done enough research to realize he didn’t know what he was talking about. It is one of the safest and most widely-used drugs on the planet with over 60 years of successful experience. Ivermectin is equally safe, and is known for its anti-viral properties.

Of course, I have to add the required disclaimer that I am not a physician and cannot legitimately offer medical advice, blah, blah, blah. Many physicians should not be giving medical advice, either, IMHO.

I was able to legally obtain prescriptions for a large supply of ivermectin and HCQ for myself and my wife to be used in case COVID strikes us. I got them through one of many on-line physicians who provide prescriptions for these and other drugs, such as Tadalafil (generic Cialis) and other erectile dysfunction medications. It was almost as easy as setting up a new Amazon account and ordering vitamins.

So why shouldn’t I be able to write my own prescriptions? I am responsible and cautious. I do all the research on effectiveness, proper dosages, interactions, and potential side effects before I take any medication. On the other hand, many people and organizations are advocating that unsafe, unbeneficial drugs be given to irresponsible addicts. Which makes more sense?

The concept of “legalization of all drugs” only considers allowing access to illegal recreational drugs, not prescription drugs. But why not? Prescription drugs are approved by the FDA because they provide a clinical health benefit, and are relatively safe and effective.

Illegal recreational drugs are dangerous, destructive, and most are highly addictive. If you can justify legalization for these, how do you justify preventing free access to safe and effective prescription drugs like ivermectin and HCQ?

Andrew Thomas 

as published in American Thinker

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Is Florida COVID-Free?


I regularly look at the COVID data on Google Maps, which uses the New York Times as its data source. COVID cases on the map are expressed as number of daily cases per one hundred thousand people on a rolling seven-day average.

You can see the numbers for each country in the world, each state in the US, and each county within each state. They are all color-coded by levels of case density.

Today I saw something absolutely incredible, if it’s accurate. Every county in the state of Florida shows ZERO current cases of COVID over the past seven days.

These numbers are rounded down if there are fewer than one case per 100,000 people, so if you zoom out to the entire state, it currently shows 3.1 cases per 100,000 and dropping. Still, this is by far the lowest number in the country at this point in time.

Florida is the third most populous state in the country at 21.6 million residents. People are flooding in to move there from other states and countries. I see hundreds of new giant apartment mini-cities popping up in the Orlando area alone.

Tourism is the state’s biggest industry, with over 31 million tourists visiting from around the world just in Q2 of 2021 alone.

Governor DeSantis and the Florida legislature passed laws this year banning vaccine and mask mandates in the state.

Zero COVID in Florida, in spite of every supposed factor working against it? Will this last? This phenomenon should undergo intense study by the CDC and virologists around the world. It destroys every assumption made by the “experts” and politicians who “follow the science” concerning the pandemic.

This the biggest good-news story of the pandemic era, and should be the top feature headline reported by every news media outlet. Do you think that will happen? Or are there just too many financial and political interests vested in keeping the public in the dark and in fear?

Andrew Thomas 

as published in American Thinker

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Logic & Data: Weapons To Defeat The Covidians

Covidians are the cabal of Biden officials, the CDC, Dr. Fauci, the vaccine producers, the leftist-run media, and local politicians who irrationally push Covid mandates over the restraints of the Constitution and rational thought. Their defeat is imminent.

It is now patently obvious to every phenomenological thinker (which are nonexistent on the left) that the vaccines and masks are totally ineffective against the Covid virus. You don’t have to be a physician or medical expert to understand this.

The Covid vaccines first became available to Americans in December 2020. The total number of US Covid cases in 2020 was less than 21 million. In 2021 it has increased to almost 28 million. There were 370 thousand US Covid deaths in 2020. In 2021, thus far there have been 423 thousand deaths. There are currently over 9 million Covid cases in the US, the highest of any other time since the pandemic began. (source: Worldometer)

Florida, a state with no mask or vaccine mandates, currently has the lowest Covid infection rate in the country, with 6.8 per 100,000 population, and the rate is falling. The US as a whole is currently averaging 28 cases per 100,000 and rising. (source: NY Times/Google Maps). These numbers change frequently, but the overall trend has been consistent.

The big question is, with approximately 60% of the US population vaccinated (ed: now 80% of population over 12 years old) and strict mask mandates throughout the country, shouldn’t the rates of infection and deaths be going down, not up?

How could this question not be slowing down the efforts of the government and private industry to force vaccines and masks on the unwilling, on penalty of losing their livelihoods, when it appears they are making the problem worse, not better? But this fascistic Covidian juggernaut is bulling full speed ahead with forced mandates, data, logic and rationality be damned.

Surely they must realize that the loss of the resisting multitudes of talented and experienced workers in industry, law enforcement, teaching, medical personnel and first responders will be devastating to the country, to say nothing of the suffering it will cause among the families they throw into poverty.

Our government is working overtime to try to require all citizens to be vaccinated, but not migrants illegally entering the country. What kind of perverse logic is that? It means their concern over a “public health crisis” so severe that Constitutional rights must be suspended is a lie.

But the illogic gets even worse. We know that thousands have experienced serious and deadly side effects from the vaccines, but the precise data on numbers of deaths and adverse events have been intentionally obfuscated by the FDA. (ed: According to OpenVAERS, there have been 894 thousand adverse Covid vaccine events, 18,853 deaths, and 94,537 hospitalizations.  But it is estimated that these figures may be under-reported by as much as a factor of 100.)

In spite of FDA’s misleading announcement that the Pfizer vaccine has been fully approved (with the absence of required long-term data), the fact is that only the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J vaccines are currently available in the US. The announcement was intended to remove resistance and make you believe you are getting an approved vaccine.

The obvious fact is that neither the FDA nor the vaccine manufacturers want FDA approval for these vaccines. Why would they? Things are going just swimmingly for everyone the way they are.

The drug companies are collecting astronomical profits courtesy of US taxpayers with zero legal liability for dangerous and deadly side effects from the experimental jabs foisted on the public.

The FDA faces no criticism for excessive adverse events and deaths arising from an inadequate approval process, and can continue to hide the data. A recent FOIA request for the Pfizer vaccine approval data is being stonewalled by the FDA, claiming it will take 55 years to process the request. This, despite the fact that they were apparently able to review and process the data to approve the original vaccine in less than 108 days.

The FDA execs have the added incentive of becoming fabulously wealthy taking cushy executive jobs in the drug industry once they get their 20-year lavish government pensions. Conflicts of interest abound.

Another obvious question is, why have there been few efforts to identify and study potential effective treatments for Covid, i.e., over-the-counter health supplements and treatments such as vitamin C, D3, zinc, aspirin, nasal flushes, antiseptic mouthwashes, Quercetin, Melatonin, and Famotidine, or the established drugs Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine? In fact, why have these potential treatments been savagely discouraged and ridiculed by the Covidians?

I can understand the drug industry’s disinterest, as this research would be expensive and provide no profits. Instead, it would eliminate the profits from their vaccines.

But why is there no interest in this research from our benevolent federal government? Where is the CDC? Where is Dr. Fauci? They appear to only be interested in enriching the vaccine companies and eliminating our personal freedoms.

Fortunately, some independent alliances of physicians, such as the FLCCC, have performed clinical research and developed thirteen different prophylactic and treatment protocols, most of which incorporate the above treatments and supplements, with either Ivermectin, HCQ, or a combination of both. It is well worth reviewing these in detail and developing your own contingency plans. (ed: For my part, I have lost over 40 pounds over the past two years)

These protocols may or may not be effective for everyone, but at least we know their potential side effects are not serious due to our long experience with their components. That is more than we can say about the questionable and problematic vaccines. We now know they don’t work, have many serious short-term effects, may be making the virus worse, and have unknown long-term adverse effects.

I’m currently reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, in which she celebrates the righteousness of private companies to pursue profit over the “public good”. But I think even she would condemn private industries who conspire with the federal government to force every citizen to purchase (through taxation) and inject an ineffective and potentially dangerous product into their bodies.

The Biden administration has been a complete failure in its ineptness in handling this crisis, perhaps on purpose. The data is destroying the narrative of the “experts”. Logic is the antidote to leftist ideology. The defeat of the Covidians is nigh. Perhaps some time in the future we will look back and either laugh or cry at our naivete and gullibility.

Andrew Thomas 

as published in American Thinker

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Dems Are Proving Why Socialism Always Fails

 Our newly-installed government (via total Democrat control) is going down the path of every socialist regime in history. The path always ends in poverty, shortages, and official corruption. The poor and powerless suffer the most. The middle class dissolves into the lower class. Shortages of all the basics for survival become the new normal.

Loyalty to the cause trumps meritocracy. When the “best and brightest” are purged in favor of the most loyal adherents to party doctrine, the result is always the same.

When “insurrectionists” and “white supremacists” (i.e., conservatives and Trump supporters) are hunted down and eliminated from positions in government, including intelligence agencies, the military and law enforcement and replaced with the most “woke”, we have the formula for socialist failure.

As shown in Venezuela, where oil and gas professionals were replaced by incompetent socialist party loyalists. In less than two years, the country went from the most wealthy oil-producing nation in the southern hemisphere to one of the most impoverished.

Here in America, we now have the “woke” military. Even a retreat from a third-world Afghanistan war is mishandled into a disaster.

Who in their right mind is going to sign up to fight and potentially die for these ideologues who spout hatred for the American Caucasian race through critical race theory? Don’t these righteous racist generals realize that 98% of the casualties in Afghanistan were whites who died believing they were fighting for all Americans?

We are following every socialist ideological government down the road to abject failure. Doctrine over competency.

The greatest weakness of socialism is that the leaders don’t recognize the extent of their own incompetencies. The righteousness of their cause blinds them to the misery they create.