Monday, June 26, 2017

Belgium - Europe's Canary in the Coal Mine

Belgium, the land of Magritte, is rapidly decending in chaos.  This is primaily due to the uncontrolled influx of deadly jihadist immigrants, but also to the disintegration of the country's Christian foundation.  Of course, the left's objective is the destruction of Judeo-Christian culture and morals in Europe and the US.  Once these nations are adrift in an amoral directionless sea, the Islamists can then swarm in and take over.

Read the Geller Report article on this here.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Violence is a Natural Part of the Leftist Culture

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun", said Mao Zedong.  This is a popular slogan from the Left, and it has been repeated time and time again by leftist governments and groups, resulting in tens of millions of deaths from genocide.  Today in America, when leftists don't get their way, frustration inevitably leads to violence.

I have said many times that if you took guns away from registered Democrats, the murder rate would drop by 90% at least.  Read the informative article by Chris Pandolfo.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Tired of Winning

"Planned Politicalhood" Goes All In

Among the incredible factoids surrounding Democrat Jon Ossoff’s failed special election run for Congress was the unprecedented amount of campaign money donated by outside organizations.  One donor that stands out in particular is Planned Parenthood.  They were surpassed in generosity only by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In 2016, Planned Parenthood donated a total of $689,548 to federal candidates, including $9,613 to Hillary’s campaign for president.  Although the organization donated to the campaigns of 153 House members and 23 senators, only two were Republicans.  99% of Planned Parenthood donations went to Democrats.

However, they have outdone themselves this year.  Planned Parenthood donated $734,780 to a single campaign, Jon Ossoff’s.  That’s $45,232 more than they donated to all 177 candidates for federal office in 2016.

PP also has a “Super PAC”, which spent $14,309,107 in 2016.  This money was used exclusively to defeat Republicans, elect Dems and promote their causes.  The organization should be renamed “Planned Politicalhood”.

The question is, why do the Republicans continue to approve over $500 million a year in funding to an organization that overwhelmingly funds their political opponents and actively works to remove them from office?  Not to mention that Planned Parenthood management makes a wonderful income independently from private donations and the sale of barely used baby parts. 

The follow-up question is, can the Republicans really be that stupid?

Andrew Thomas
as published in American Thinker

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Evidence of Trump - Russian Collusion Uncovered

Finally, the first solid evidence of Trump's blatant personal collusion with a Russian agent has been discovered.  Indisputable photographic proof was released by underground hackers today in the form of a secret, never-before-seen picture of Trump in a restaurant, eating a sandwich.

It's not just an ordinary sandwich, however.  It is a Reubin sandwich, a Jewish deli favorite.  It is what's in the sandwich that's crucial.  It contains corned beef and rye, which are Jewish agents of the sandwich.  But most importantly it contains Russian dressing, clearly a Russian agent of the sandwich.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Trump devoured it, including the Russian and Jewish agents. If that is not collusion, then I don't know the meaning of the word.

Trump has also been observed reading Tolstoy and other books by Russian authors, and listening to music by Tchaikovsky and other Russian composers.  A few years ago, he attended the Russian ballet performance of Nutcracker, and gave them a standing ovation.  He was once seen sending secret messages to Boris and Natasha on the Bullwinkle Show, but this has not been substantiated.

All of this has been hearsay and circumstantial evidence up until now.  The evidence uncovered in the photograph is irrefutable.

We have submitted this proof to CNN and Sens. Al Franken and Maxine Waters so that they may begin the impeachment process against this traitorous monster.  If recent history is any guide, this will be the biggest story to hit the network news shows for weeks to come.  It will be interesting to watch Trump try to explain his way out of this one.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017

I'm Sick Of NeverTrumpers

When do NeverTrumpers realize they are part of the problem?  I hear so much horror and anguish from them about what leftists are doing to the country, but they do not admit any fault of their own.  We are about to go to war with leftists in America, but they still seem to be on the fence.  They are responsible for where we are today.  Total idiots.  Trump is the only hope we have left to save this country, and they have been complicit with the enemy.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Leftists: Not My Superbowl Champs!

Subject: Why Leftists Think the Atlanta Falcons Actually Won the Super Bowl, by Charles Salter.
1. In collusion with Trump, the Russians hacked into the scoreboard and fraudulently posted points for the Patriots.
2. The "Patriots" do not deserve to win because their name is offensive to illegal immigrants and anti-American leftists.
3. The Patriots are obviously just a basket of racist, sexist, xenophobic deplorables who should check their privilege and surrender their trophy to the Falcons.
4. The Patriots have already won the Super Bowl previously. It's only fair that they redistribute their largesse to a team which has never won.
5. Any team which wins in "sudden death" overtime is violent and fascist and has no right to the Super Bowl trophy.
6. The Falcons were ahead for more minutes of the game and this statistic should count more than the final score.
7. All the referees who ruled for the Patriots against the Falcons should revoke those decisions and support the Falcons instead.
8. The fraudulent Patriot win has left millions of sports fans heart-broken and weeping. They need safe spaces, therapy dogs, and binkies until this unjust decision can be overturned.
9. Until the Falcons are rightfully proclaimed the real winners of the Super Bowl, globalist billionaires will continue to plan, organize, and fund "spontaneous, grass-roots" demonstrations, riots, and felonious assaults on any supporter of the Patriots that they can get their hands on.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Hall of the Mountain King

God, I love Joe Dan Gorman's Intellectual Froglegs videos.  I danced around the room listening to this one.  They are so uplifting.  "Hall of the Mountain King" is my favorite song.  Watch here.  His "Culture of Corruption" is great, too.  Watch here.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Leftist (Lack of) Logic

Obama pardons Bradley/Chelsae Manning for stealing highly confidential government secrets and sending them to Wikileaks. Obama sends troops to the Polish/Russian border, threatening war over alleged stealing of e-mails from the DNC and sending them to Wikileaks.

There is no logic in leftist thinking. They intentionally search for ideas that target deconstruction of anything good or decent in America, without any thought about how illogical or self-destructive it is. If it hurts the country and angers the right, then their mission is accomplished.

The insane part of their thinking is that no matter how evil, underhanded, and duplicitous their actions are, they always believe they are doing the right thing. The evil ones are always those who criticize and expose them.
Look at their take on the past election. They don’t believe that their dirty tricks affected the election, they believe it was only affected when “evil” people exposed their dirty tricks.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Democrats Have Forfeited Their Credibility

Let’s put a little perspective on the “Russians hacked the election” meme.  The people telling this story are the same ones who told us that the Benghazi massacre was caused by a Youtube video.  They are the same people who surreptitiously sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  They are also the ones who leaked debate questions to Hillary in advance and organized violent demonstrations and riots at Trump rallies.  How do Democrats have an ounce of credibility left?

The “evil Russian” story effectively diverts attention from the fact that the DNC pulled a number of dirty tricks to try to steal the election.  At the same time, it throws mud on Trump’s victory.  If it is not a complete lie, it is the most convenient fact that Dems could ever uncover.  What are the odds?

The only “evidence” put forth thus far is that there were no email leaks from the RNC, therefore it must have been conducted by a sophisticated foreign state entity for the purpose of sabotaging Hillary.  Since the Russian government hates Hillary (I’m not sure why, as she approved the sale of our main uranium supplier to them after a generous donation to her foundation), it had to be them.

Of course, the alternate explanation for not leaking RNC emails could be that they ran a clean campaign.  Julian Assange has said as much.  He claims he had RNC emails, but there was nothing of interest in them.

An alternate explanation that the complicit media has no intention of reporting is that no hacking was involved in the leaks.  Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, has claimed that he received the emails from a disaffected Bernie supporter, and passed them on to Assange/Wikileaks.

So, which story do you believe?  The one told by Murray and Assange, who appear to have nothing to gain by lying, or the self-serving one told by Dems who have exposed themselves as a completely corrupt political party?

Lame duck President Obama has vowed vengeance and retribution against Russia. Exposing himself as completely duplicitous, he intimated that he wouldn’t have done anything if Hillary had won the election. Perhaps he will throw the evil-doers in a cell next to the Coptic Christian filmmaker who caused Benghazi.

Andrew Thomas
as published in American Thinker

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Insanity And Optimism

Demons screaming, struggling, grasping and clawing as they are pushed down into the muck of history.  That is what is happening in America today.  The left has lost, and lost badly. They have sealed their defeat by throwing tantrums, demanding recounts of a legitimate election, demanding succession from the union, and threatening to assassinate the president.  They are being pushed screaming into the muck of history.

Big government begets big corruption.  There is no escaping that truth.

We cannot completely defeat the psychotic philosophy of leftism.  We can only delegitimize it, humiliate it, denigrate it, and thereby minimize its impact on society.  As long as we can keep it powerlessly contained in a bottle, we can continue to grow and prosper as a nation and as a people.  Once it is released, the cycle of misery and evil continues.  Leftism must be suppressed.

In my earlier years, I believed Reagan was the greatest president since Lincoln. Now, I am convinced that Trump will reach even greater heights.   He has never been a politician, doesn’t even like politicians, doesn’t need anyone else’s money, and won’t succumb to the bribery of lobbyists or special interests.  Like George Washington wanting to be a farmer rather than president, Trump is perfectly happy being a common real estate billionaire (sarc).

Perhaps I am being too optimistic, but I believe we are entering a new age of enlightenment.  Global warming fanatics are losing their legitimacy with the American people, as the scam is revealed and the true motive of the destruction of the capitalist economy is understood.  Cheap fossil fuels are making a resurgence for the foreseeable future, until nuclear and other alternative fuels can be economically developed through capitalistic means.  After all, capitalism has been the greatest economic system the world has ever seen, and has overcome the problems presented throughout history.

Once the US projects its vast economic, technological, and military strength, all global problems seem to be minimized.  Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

There are two remaining areas of prime concern that immediately need to be addressed.  The failed American education system that is producing substandard, ignorant, weak-willed, and leftist-indoctrinated students, and the left-wing propagandizing Fake Stream Media that has lost the meaning of real journalism and free press.  If Trump can make progress in addressing these problems, we can buckle up for a terrific ride into the future.  I have faith that he will.