Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jack Bauer Has Betrayed Us!

On the FOX series “24”, Jack Bauer is the ultimate no-nonsense American hero. He doesn’t take crap from self-serving politicians and bureaucrats. He won’t stand for political correctness or hypocrisy. His only concern is to neutralize the bad guys before they destroy the country. Well, after sitting through six-and-a-half seasons of FOX’s show, I realize that I don’t know Jack. Apparently, his true motives have finally been revealed ala Nina Myers in a nightmare episode of “24”. He is actually a double-agent, dedicated to advancing the political agenda of the evil, insidious Global Warmists. This was sickeningly revealed during the last two Monday night episodes. Last week, Jack himself (Keiffer Southerland) voiced his concern about climate change during a commercial break. This week, Cherry Jones, playing American President Allison Taylor, issued a lengthy impassioned plea to join the fight against global warming during an out-of-character mid-episode interlude.

I (as well as many others) have been losing faith in the belief that we can recover from this madness called Obamamania. Our one solid rock in a raging sea has been the FOX Broadcasting Company. If we give in to the horrors that await us once “Cap and Trade” legislation is enacted and reliable sources of America’s energy, i.e., oil, coal, and nuclear, are destroyed, we are truly lost. FOX has been the only television network even marginally supportive of conservative causes. We cannot let them be subverted by media Obamunists. If we who are concerned about this issue would contact the FOX Broadcasting Company en masse and ask for the solid scientific evidence that supports the contention that the globe is warming, manmade or otherwise (and a statement from NASA warmist provocateur James Hansen is not evidence), FOX would get the message. After all, we Conservatives are FOX’s primary demographic. It’s time we started shouting. Let’s bring Jack back in from the cold (or in this case, the warm).


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