Sunday, October 19, 2008

The World Is Upside Down

What will happen to our country and our world if the truly evil socialist agenda gains absolute power in our government? It is too horrible to contemplate. If you listen to them, we are spinning into a great depression, with the only power in this once-great country in the hands of the psychopathic liars (Congress and the MSM) and criminal election stealers (ACORN). The only hope I hold out is that there is still a majority of US citizens out there who are still sane and honest. I do believe that our propaganda department (the biased media) is putting on a full-court press on the populace to convince us that all is lost, and voting for Republicans is futile. The definition of a liberal is someone who stands on their head and tells the world it is upside down. I just fervently hope that he doesn't convince the rest of the world that he is right.

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