Sunday, October 26, 2008

Media's Role Will Be Transformed In The Brave New World

Hypocracy is too mild a word when trying to describe the pervasive dishonesty of our "mainstream" media. As evidence, take the case of Gwen Ifill, the PBS commentator who moderated the last presidential debate. When it was learned that she had a giant conflict of interest, i.e., a book praising Obama in the process of being published, the compliant media gave her a pass. "It's not the questioner, it's the answers that matter!", was the refrain, over and over again in a single mantra. But wait, a common citizen dares to ask "The Chosen One" a simple question. Suddenly "Joe the Plumber" becomes one of the most reviled figures raked over the media-stoked coals. He gets more media investigation and scrutiny in a couple of weeks than "The Chosen One" has in the past two years of campaigning. All of a sudden, it's not the answer that matters, it's the questioner. Ignore the fact that the answer exposed Mr. Chosen One as a "Spread the wealth" socialist. After all, spreading the wealth is obviously more important than creating wealth, at least to the new Messiah. In the process, we now discover the new role of the "mainstream" media. In the new Obama administration, it is the Socialist "State-Run" media. What a brave new world we might be helping to create.


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