Monday, October 13, 2008

The Coming Liberal Thugocracy

The ultra-liberal branch of the Democrat Party has not only taken over the Party, they are now eyeing the total takeover of the nation, by force if necessary. Political debate and civil discourse are under attack by extremists who have no use for free speech, unless it fits their agenda. Threats, intimidation, and lawsuits are the tools of the powerful thugocracy of which Obama is riding the crest. It looks like a good possiblity that we may be facing Hugo Chavez-style Dem thugocracy domination in all three branches of government. If Obama and the Dems win, God help the country. It won't look anything like it does today, and may never return to the Constitution-based rule of law it once had. Look to Venezuela to see our future. That's real change we can believe in, comrade! Read the article and watch the enlightening video linked below.

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