Thursday, December 8, 2016

Insanity And Optimism

Demons screaming, struggling, grasping and clawing as they are pushed down into the muck of history.  That is what is happening in America today.  The left has lost, and lost badly. They have sealed their defeat by throwing tantrums, demanding recounts of a legitimate election, demanding succession from the union, and threatening to assassinate the president.  They are being pushed screaming into the muck of history.

Big government begets big corruption.  There is no escaping that truth.

We cannot completely defeat the psychotic philosophy of leftism.  We can only delegitimize it, humiliate it, denigrate it, and thereby minimize its impact on society.  As long as we can keep it powerlessly contained in a bottle, we can continue to grow and prosper as a nation and as a people.  Once it is released, the cycle of misery and evil continues.  Leftism must be suppressed.

In my earlier years, I believed Reagan was the greatest president since Lincoln. Now, I am convinced that Trump will reach even greater heights.   He has never been a politician, doesn’t even like politicians, doesn’t need anyone else’s money, and won’t succumb to the bribery of lobbyists or special interests.  Like George Washington wanting to be a farmer rather than president, Trump is perfectly happy being a common real estate billionaire (sarc).

Perhaps I am being too optimistic, but I believe we are entering a new age of enlightenment.  Global warming fanatics are losing their legitimacy with the American people, as the scam is revealed and the true motive of the destruction of the capitalist economy is understood.  Cheap fossil fuels are making a resurgence for the foreseeable future, until nuclear and other alternative fuels can be economically developed through capitalistic means.  After all, capitalism has been the greatest economic system the world has ever seen, and has overcome the problems presented throughout history.

Once the US projects its vast economic, technological, and military strength, all global problems seem to be minimized.  Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

There are two remaining areas of prime concern that immediately need to be addressed.  The failed American education system that is producing substandard, ignorant, weak-willed, and leftist-indoctrinated students, and the left-wing propagandizing Fake Stream Media that has lost the meaning of real journalism and free press.  If Trump can make progress in addressing these problems, we can buckle up for a terrific ride into the future.  I have faith that he will.


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