Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Will Ebola Be Used As a Terrorist Weapon?

I hate to be an alarmist, but we need to be aware of the possibility that the Ebola virus may be used as a terror weapon.  It may seem farfetched today, but there are some indicators that this could become a reality.

Earlier, President Obama said that Ebola in America was “unlikely”.  Today, it is here.  An Ebola victim has been diagnosed with the disease in the US.  Director of the Center for Disease Control Dr. Thomas Frieden, trying to calm fears, stated “There is no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here.”

That is, unless the virus is intentionally spread.

What more perfect weapon could terrorists employ in order to engender fear and panic in a population?  With over one million Ebola victims predicted by January 2015, there may be ample opportunity to harvest and culture the virus from infected blood.  A “dirty bomb” infused with Ebola virus, exploded in a populated area such as a sports stadium or a shopping mall, would produce mass panic.  It would be relatively easy to make many of these weapons.

Where did I get this outrageous and horrific idea?

Well, I read it in a Tom Clancy novel, published in 1993.  His book, Executive Orders, describes the horror of Islamic terrorists using the Ebola virus in aerosol bombs at sporting events and other large gatherings to destabilize and overthrow America.

Mr. Clancy was a futurist, if not a prophet.  In the same novel, he also predicted the use of commercial jetliners as a terror weapon.  In his story, a commercial jet was purposely crashed into the US capital building, killing the President and most of Congress.  This made Clancy hero Jack Ryan President of the United States, who proceeded to take decisive action to save America and defeat the bad guys.

Unfortunately, we have Obama in charge rather than Jack Ryan.

Andrew Thomas

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