Thursday, October 9, 2014

New York Times Calls for Legalization of Pedophilia

An op-ed in the NYT sympathizes with pedophiles.   According to the editorial, sexual perversions are not a choice, they are "disorders".  Therefore, it should be illegal to discriminate against pedophiles just because they want to rape your son or daughter.  So says Margo Kaplan, an assistant law professor at Rutgers University, who wants to make a career of promoting “sexual diversity”.  

There is supposedly a "criminal gene" according to some scientists, relegating crime to a genetic disorder.  Perhaps we should also make it illegal to discriminate against murderers.  In fact, under the same logic, we should provide accommodation to murderers and pedophilic rapists under the American Disabilities Act (ACA).  So you want to rape and murder a child?  The US government should provide the child and a quiet room.

This is a sick idea in today's sensibilities.  But we know from experience that progressives are never satisfied with their invasive inroads, and continue to demand more and more concessions to their causes until they are finally confronted and stopped. 

So what happens ten or twenty years from now as the left continues to deconstruct morality with little or no resistance, and right from wrong becomes irrevocably blurred?  Their greatest weapon is the ridicule and disdain of those small-minded moralist God-worshipers.  After all, sophisticated leftists of superior intelligence know there is no God in their world.


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