Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mr. Obama: How Good Can Obamacare Be When Harry Reid Exempts His Staff From It?

Even CNN realizes it.  Obama's Obamacare PR offensive will fail, as it is impossible to fool people with lies when they feel the actual pain on a personal level.  Obamacare means higher premiums, unaffordable deductables, increased taxes, more national debt, higher deficit, fewer doctors and hospitals, longer waiting times for treatment, poorer medical care, reduced research for new drugs, devices, and therapies. 

80% of Americans were happy with their health coverage before Obamacare.  So why didn't the law address the coverage for the remaining 20% alone?  Why was it necessary to re-engineer the entire healthcare system rather than change the rules for health insurance only.

Because the progressive left wants greater control over individual Americans, and they want to use this law as a mechanism to redistribute one-sixth of the American economy.  The by-product is that they have destroyed the best healthcare system in history.


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