Friday, December 6, 2013

Reducing Greenhouse Gasses May Have a Catastrophic Effect on Humanity

More evidence that we are heading into a new "Little Ice Age" here.  Cooling will accelerate for the next 90 years, according to a group of German scientists.  The only thing that will prevent complete devastation is the presence of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, which helps retain heat on the Earth's surface.  Excess CO2 is also very beneficial in supporting the growth of plants and crops.

The only remaining question is:  When will the tipping point occur, where Global Warmists finally abandon their destructive religion?  Hopefully, this will occur soon, before they inflict irreversible damage to the US and global economies and perhaps to the Earth's atmosphere itself.


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  1. Better an Ice Age then forking money hand over fist to muslim countries. Like handing the rope to your executioner.