Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Willy Wonka Strategy

“Wait…Don’t…Stop…” – Willy Wonka

“Never interfere with the enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”- Napoleon Bonaparte

All that I am hearing from the incessant drone of the progressive mainstream media today is how the Tea Party and their representatives in Congress are responsible for bringing down the country. They’re terrorists. They have singlehandedly caused the stock market crash and the downgrading of our national credit rating. All because they wouldn’t let Obama and the Democrats tax those evil rich people and continue spending.

Heck, most of the “rich” people I know are progressives who are repeating the Democrat talking points. What’s wrong with taking a little more of my income, they ask? They don’t seem to mind. They have plenty of savings to rely on, so what’s the harm?

In our oddly rational conservative minds, we know the answer. It will ultimately hurt the economy. Jobs will not be created, they will be destroyed. The expected revenue will not materialize as the rich will use the available tax avoidance strategies. And, it will inevitably prevent members of the middle class from moving into the realm of the wealthy.

What conservatives and the Tea Party are missing is the fact that this is a strategic, long-term struggle. There are fifteen months until the next election. This next election is not just another run-of-the-mill political event. This election will determine the ultimate direction of our country for the next century. If you don’t understand that, you are one of the vast legions of the clueless, which unfortunately makes up the majority of the American electorate.

As a conservative and a Tea Party supporter, I believe we are destroying ourselves by doing what we believe is best for the nation we love. We are fighting liberal lemmings and preventing them from jumping off the cliff. Meanwhile, the lemmings are blaming us for standing in the way of progress. And the media is making this a convincing argument.

I know it goes against everything we believe, it damages the nation and violates our core values…but we must step aside and let the Democrat party commit suicide without our interference. At least for the next several months.

Willy Wonka was brilliantly portrayed by Gene Wilder in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. He protested in a mockingly soft voice, “Wait…Don’t …Stop…” as the selfish, undisciplined kids ran wild and attempted to destroy his factory, knowing that there was no reasoning with them or their ignorant parents, and that they would soon receive their just rewards. Similarly, conservatives need to voice their concerns with the liberal Democrat agenda, and then step out of the way.

Any consequences that occur over the next year can hopefully be reversed or at least mitigated with the appropriate people in office in 2013. They will never be reversed, however, if the “mainstream” media successfully convinces the majority of the electorate that Republicans and the Tea Party are at fault for their misery, rather than the party that has been in control of the majority of the government and the economy for the past six years.

I believe it is this contemporary progressive news media that is primarily responsible for the skewed political landscape we face. Most Americans don’t question its bias, and they listen to the recycled Democrat talking points it delivers as gospel truth. And since the liberal news editors who head the media outlets are given sole discretion over what news to release, the conservative side of the story is never heard by most of America.

So I am beseeching you conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Partiers…Fight your instincts. Do not resist the Democrat agenda. Don’t even compromise. Let them have their way for the next fifteen months. There is no possibility that they can reverse the course of the nation’s economy in that time with their destructive policies.

We will all suffer through the effects of these misguided policies, but at some point it will end. It will end when it becomes painfully clear to the majority of Americans that Democrats retain full responsibility for this incredible disaster they have imposed on all of us. If we do not do this, the misery will continually worsen well past our children’s lifetimes. America as we have known it will no longer exist.

It is incredibly ironic, but the only way to save our nation is to let it be destroyed, at least in the short term.


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  1. May God have mercy on your soul.