Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sex Trumps Religion in UK

We owe much of our heritage to the British. In many ways, they are still smarter than we are in governmental matters. While we struggled for over a week to get our people out of Libya on a rented ferry, they airlifted their citizens out on military aircraft in a matter of hours. Of course, we are saddled with a government run by academics with no actual business or foreign policy experience.

However, the Brits are ahead of us in creating silly ministries of unintended consequences. Parliament passed "Sexual Orientation Regulations", and now UK kids are being yanked away from foster parents who refuse to promote homosexuality to their children. An influential homosexual pressure group claims that the concept of protecting children under ten from sex is "old fashioned". Per a piece in the UK Telegraph, the British High Court has ruled that freedom of sexual orientation "should take precedence" over freedom of religion.

The real crime is not the insanity of a few leftist ideologues. It is the complicity of the sane vast majority.

Andrew Thomas aka Angel
as published in American Thinker

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