Wednesday, February 23, 2011

AP Blames Decline of America on Republican Budget Cutting Threat

The tortured logic astounds me. What sort of distorted thinking conjures up Republican bogeymen responsible for every problem the country faces, even those where Republican responsibility is physically impossible?

On Tuesday, the Associated Press ran a piece titled, “Census: Near-record level of US counties dying”.

It focused on the dying areas of the country where the coal and steel industries once flourished. Then came this astounding statement to explain the decline:
Years in the making, the problem is spreading amid a prolonged job slump and a push by Republicans in Congress to downsize government and federal spending.
Wait a minute! The budget hasn’t been cut yet. How could an event that has not yet occurred be responsible for a current problem?

This is a prime example of what I would call liberal/progressive inter-dimensional logic. In this alternate reality, there is a time bending worm-hole that allows evil Republicans from the future to manipulate past events for which Democrats, despite their good intentions, could not rescue from disaster.

The concept that other factors could be in play that may have contributed to the decline of these communities is simply beyond the comprehension of these “unbiased” mainstream media journalists.

Could abusively powerful labor unions have been responsible for the destruction of the steel and coal industries?

Perhaps increasingly oppressive EPA regulations are contributing to their demise?

How about Obama’s promise to bankrupt the coal industry?

Maybe the job-killing policies and regulations imposed on businesses by Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress had something to do with it?

Of course, none of these factors could be mentioned in an “unbiased” AP news piece. It doesn’t allow the argument to be “framed” so as to associate US economic decline with Republican policy (which has yet to be enacted).

Once the new Republicans in Congress actually begin to put their conservative principles into practice with actual legislation, watch out for the media circus clowns to really play their pipe-organs.

Just beware of their inter-dimensional worm-hole logic.


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