Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Went Through the Congress With a Bill With No Name

WashingtonWatch reports that H.R. 1586 was so slapdashedly passed through the Senate before our dedicated representatives sped off to their vacations that they inadvertently left the name of the bill blank. Its official name is therefore “The_______Act of _______”. It is a spending bill that merely adds another $126.44 burden to every family in America.

The House of Representatives and President Obama are expected to quickly approve it without amendment. They are too busy to worry about such matters as how their actions affect the economy or the survival of the American middle class. Who has time to actually read a bill these days? And who cares, since legislation really has no meaning anymore? Everything passed by Congress now goes through the filter of Obama’s all-powerful executive administration and legion of czars to interpret the actual implementation. So it doesn’t have a name? It’s mind over matter: Congress doesn’t mind and you don’t matter.

I have a suggestion, however. How about “The [Irresponsible] Act of [An Out-Of-Control Government]”.

Andrew Thomas aka Angel
as published in American Thinker

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