Saturday, December 20, 2008

Obama Assembles "Experts" To Battle Global Warming With Our Taxes

According to the "experts" Obama has named to senior government posts, the above photo is proof positive of the onset of global warming, as opposed to the radical stupid discredited theory that the lower activity of the Sun is actually cooling the Earth (as well as the other planets of the solar system as observed by astronomers). It's obvious (to Obama's science boys) that snow is being caused by the melting of the ice caps. OK, that would explain extra precipitation in the atmosphere. But how is that extra precipitation turing to snow in normally temperate climates? Duh...maybe the atmosphere is getting cooler? But those melting ice caps will soon raise the level of the oceans, and drown us all! Wait a minute?! When you put ice cubes in a glass of water and let them melt, the water level actually goes down. How does melting ice in the ocean raise the ocean level? What's going on here? How come these super smart scientists are coming up with the opposite conclusions? Well, James Hansen of NASA, one of Obama's main science boys, has been caught red-handed falsifying global temerature data to make it look like the Earth is getting warmer. Why would he do that? Power. More tax money flowing into the government and to phoney grants to dishonest climatologists, less power to citizens. We must feed the green idol, or his mighty wrath will rain down upon us! The idea that colder weather is a sign of global warming proves the postulate that a liberal is someone who stands on his head and tells the world it's upside-down.


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