Friday, December 26, 2008

The End Of Civil Society

California, the "bellwether" state, is about to start the ball rolling that will eventually reduce the us to the level of animals, truly providing meaning to the expression, "It's a dog eat dog world". As California goes, so goes the nation, and the latest outrageous lawsuit about to take place in Los Angeles will seal the fate of all potential Good Samaritans. Whether the suit is successful or not, everyone is put on notice: You will be punished for your good deed.
Imagine a situation similar to one that happened recently, where a 78 year old man is struck by a car in Hartford, Connecticut and left lying and bleeding in the middle of a busy street. Nearby pedestrians ignore him and hurry on their way. Cars pass by and keep going. In the aftermath, the media is incensed at the lack of compassion. The local chief of police declares, “We have lost our moral compass.” But why should anyone help a stranger in this current litigious climate? What liability do you incur if you cause a car accident as you run out in the street to help? What if you cause the victim further injury by trying to move him out of the street? What if the old man dies as you try to assist him? I can hear the ambulance-chasing scumbag attorney in front of the jury:

"So the defendant stepped into the road and attempted to stop traffic, endangering the lives of dozens of motorists and passengers. Then he put his hands on the victim in an attempt to determine the extent of his injuries. The victim was unconscious but in otherwise perfect health. In the process of feeling for a pulse, the defendant caused irreversible life-threatening injuries to the victim, ultimately resulting in his demise. The defendant has admitted he has had no prior medical training, and therefore acted irresponsibly. Members of the jury, my clients ask for one million dollars restitution for the wanton taking of a human life."

Is it any mystery why those bystanders would refuse to help or even acknowledge the old man lying in the street? We haven’t lost our “moral compass”. It has been forcibly removed!
The legal system was intended to provide a foundation for a civil society. Instead, scum-sucking trial lawyers have perverted the law to ensure an uncivil society. They have stripped away our decency, our dignity, and our nobility as a species. They have transformed human kindness into inhuman behavior, and we will all suffer for their greed.

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