Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama Youth Army to "Secure" the US

Herr Obama says he guarantees he will create 2.5 million jobs when he gets into office. How is he going to possibly do this with such assurance? His nefarious plan is to build a young civilian army loyal to him and his philosophy, his powerful "security force". Where have we heard this plan before? Was it Mao Tse Tung and the "Cultural Revolution", which wiped out the intelligent, educated resistance in China? Was it the Red Brigade, who kidnapped and murdered government leaders in Europe in an attempt to topple democratic societies and replace them with a totalitarian Communist regime? Or was it the "brown shirts", i.e., Hitler Youth, which eventually became known as the NAZIs, or "German Socialist Worker's Party"? The answer is it may be the worst parts of all three. Coercion, "re-education camps", brainwashing, and finally violence may be the means to guarantee that Obama and the Democrat Socialists retain power into perpetuity. You think this is a wacko right-wing theory? Just look at the plans his good friend and leader of the Weather Underground Bill Ayers made when they plotted the overthrow of America. They planned to open re-education camps in the southwest, and set up execution stations around the US in order to murder up to 25 million Americans he estimated would try to resist his "revolution". Obama and Ayers are deadly dangerous and evil men.

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