Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Breaks First Campaign Promise Before He Takes Office

It is absolutely unbelievable to me how many young and naive, and in some cases old and naive people voted for Barack, totally believing that he would do everything he has promised. Listen good you airheads, a politician has NO obligation to fulfill ANY promise he makes during a campaign. He knew he had plenty of "true believers" and gullible idiots in his following. I heard so many times how I HAD to vote Obama, because he was going to lower my taxes. What a crock of shit. Well, O-Man has broken his first promise already. During the last debate, he said he would look at offshore drilling as a means to reduce foreign oil dependence. Ho ho ho! So I guess he has decided he isn't going to look at it too closely after all, because now he says his first act as president will be to reinstate the executive order against ANY new offshore drilling. If he is not a bald-faced liar, please tell me the definition of the term.


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