Monday, July 21, 2008

Dems Want "Fairness Doctrine" - Let's Try It On The Libs First

Well, the real war is ON! The New York Times runs blatant crap from Obama in their Op Ed page, but refuses to print a rebuttal from McCain. This is such obvious bias, there are no adequate words to describe it. The paper, along with the rest of the self-proclaimed "main-stream" media deserves to die a slow agonizing death just like Air America did. They cannot sustain themselves by relying on the subscriberships of radical liberals. This is the whole purpose for the Dems' push for the "Fairness Doctrine". They would force all radio stations to run unpopular rad-lib trash for every hour they run the hugely popular Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity (and all other popular conservative radio shows). This would bankrupt the stations, so their only other alternative would be to take all political talk off the air. Dems know that talk radio is the main forum for conservative thought, and they want to quash it. My response is, let's enact the Fairness Doctrine, but let's make it completely fair. It should apply to TV news shows, newspapers, and internet blogger services, as well as radio. Can you imagine the unending lawsuits from both sides, trying to claim a particular show or news piece is "liberal" or "conservative" and needs to be balanced? All political free speach would eventually be silenced. The liberal dream of the Fairness Doctrine will end as all liberal dreams do - producing the exact opposite effect from what was intended, adrift in a sea of unintended consequences - and leaving the rest of us to suffer with the results. But with libs, it is the thought that counts. Their intentions are noble, they only want to silence the irritating "lies" of the right and let the shining "truths" of the left shine through. Do they really believe their own bullshit, or are they actually Machiavellian hypocrites? So much for an appearance of balance or fairness. It's gone, and "ethical journalism" has become an oxymoron. Read McCain's eloquent article, censored by the liberal "Unfairness Doctrine":

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