Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let's Go Eat At Burger King!

Personally, I'm tired of special status for crossdressing faggots, pedophiles, and necrophiles. This weirdness can only go so far before my gag reflex kicks in and I puke all over some lipstick-wearing drag queen. This McDonald's campaign (part of the orchestrated liberal campaign) is the desinsitization of our sense of moral outrage, with the ultimate goal of deconstructing the moral fabric of society. There will be no more right or wrong. Only shades of ever-fading gray. Once gay marriage is totally accepted by society, how far behind is pedophilial and beastial marriage? At some point, humans and animals will no longer have a distinction between them (sounds like the ultimate goal of PITA, doesn't it?), and the sanctity and exceptionalism of human life will disappear. Late-stage abortion, post-birth abortion, geriatric abortion, what's the difference? Actually, I am in favor of voluntary abortion for the rad-lib pro-abortion fucking idiots of the world. Discontinuing that genetic strain would be a gift to mankind, the self-fulfillment of Darwin's Law. Fortunately, gays cannot procreate (yet), so they will remain a small protected class of "victims" demanding additional made-up rights. All they can do is try to brainwash the rest of us, which seems to be going well for them. Y'know what? I'm going to eat at Burger King next time I get an urge for junk food (actually, I like Taco Bell much better than any of them. The food is tasty, the prices are low, and the sanitary preparation conditions are the best. Ever walk into a McDonald's restroom and realize that this is where the employees go?)

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