Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Don't Call Me "White"

Leftists are very perceptive in their use of language. They realize that words are powerful. The language you use shapes your thoughts and perception of the world around you.

George Orwell understood this very well in his book 1984. “Newspeak” was Big Brother’s way of controlling the populace by reducing the language to rudimentary concepts. Anything wonderful or excellent was “plus good”. Anything evil or nasty was “ungood”. “Crimethink” was any thought that opposed the regime in power.

Likewise, the left seeks to modify our language to direct our thoughts toward concepts that are politically favorable to them. They are perverting sexuality with absurd pronouns forced on the populace like “they/them”. They are normalizing pedophilia by changing the term to MAP, or “Minor Attracted Persons”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is changing “Monkeypox” to “Mpox”, because somehow monkeys are racist and “stigmatizing” to gays, even though they continue to deny that Monkeypox is disease primarily spread by gay sex.

But above all, racial identity politics, or separating people by their skin color and provoking them into mutual hatred, is a central leftist objective. Black becomes “African-American” while White stays White. The left has defined “White” as inherently racist, prejudiced, and potentially terrorist. “White” is now automatically associated with “Fragility”, “Privilege”, and “Supremacy”. “Whiteness” has become a pejorative term, meaning “evil”.

Afro-American” or “African-American”, on the other hand is associated with a cultural pride. However, the vast majority of Black Americans are not truly African. They were born in America. Elon Musk, conversely, is an authentic African-American. He is an American citizen (as of 2002) who was born in Pretoria, South Africa.

I submit, then, that if Black Americans can call themselves African-Americans because their great-grandparents were born in Africa, then the vast majority of White Americans can identify as “Euro-Americans”.

Again, words have emotional meaning. The left views “Whites” with disdain (even if they themselves are White). However, Europeans are viewed positively. Say “White guy” to a leftist, and he/she (or they/them) will visualize a southern redneck with a Confederate flag tee shirt or a skinhead with a swastika armband.

But, say “Euro-American”, and the typical leftist will visualize a socialist Swedish blonde, or maybe a socialist hero like George Soros. If you say “It’s OK to be White” you are a racist. But “It’s OK to be a Euro-American” sounds perfectly acceptable, as there are Black Europeans as well as White.

Since my great-grandparents were born in Europe, I can legitimately identify as a Euro-American, thereby escaping the horrible stigma of “Whiteness”. I suggest those on the right side of the political scale do the same and resist the left’s manipulation of language to divide and vilify us.

Andrew Thomas

edited version published in American Thinker

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