Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Logic & Data: Weapons To Defeat The Covidians

Covidians are the cabal of Biden officials, the CDC, Dr. Fauci, the vaccine producers, the leftist-run media, and local politicians who irrationally push Covid mandates over the restraints of the Constitution and rational thought. Their defeat is imminent.

It is now patently obvious to every phenomenological thinker (which are nonexistent on the left) that the vaccines and masks are totally ineffective against the Covid virus. You don’t have to be a physician or medical expert to understand this.

The Covid vaccines first became available to Americans in December 2020. The total number of US Covid cases in 2020 was less than 21 million. In 2021 it has increased to almost 28 million. There were 370 thousand US Covid deaths in 2020. In 2021, thus far there have been 423 thousand deaths. There are currently over 9 million Covid cases in the US, the highest of any other time since the pandemic began. (source: Worldometer)

Florida, a state with no mask or vaccine mandates, currently has the lowest Covid infection rate in the country, with 6.8 per 100,000 population, and the rate is falling. The US as a whole is currently averaging 28 cases per 100,000 and rising. (source: NY Times/Google Maps). These numbers change frequently, but the overall trend has been consistent.

The big question is, with approximately 60% of the US population vaccinated (ed: now 80% of population over 12 years old) and strict mask mandates throughout the country, shouldn’t the rates of infection and deaths be going down, not up?

How could this question not be slowing down the efforts of the government and private industry to force vaccines and masks on the unwilling, on penalty of losing their livelihoods, when it appears they are making the problem worse, not better? But this fascistic Covidian juggernaut is bulling full speed ahead with forced mandates, data, logic and rationality be damned.

Surely they must realize that the loss of the resisting multitudes of talented and experienced workers in industry, law enforcement, teaching, medical personnel and first responders will be devastating to the country, to say nothing of the suffering it will cause among the families they throw into poverty.

Our government is working overtime to try to require all citizens to be vaccinated, but not migrants illegally entering the country. What kind of perverse logic is that? It means their concern over a “public health crisis” so severe that Constitutional rights must be suspended is a lie.

But the illogic gets even worse. We know that thousands have experienced serious and deadly side effects from the vaccines, but the precise data on numbers of deaths and adverse events have been intentionally obfuscated by the FDA. (ed: According to OpenVAERS, there have been 894 thousand adverse Covid vaccine events, 18,853 deaths, and 94,537 hospitalizations.  But it is estimated that these figures may be under-reported by as much as a factor of 100.)

In spite of FDA’s misleading announcement that the Pfizer vaccine has been fully approved (with the absence of required long-term data), the fact is that only the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J vaccines are currently available in the US. The announcement was intended to remove resistance and make you believe you are getting an approved vaccine.

The obvious fact is that neither the FDA nor the vaccine manufacturers want FDA approval for these vaccines. Why would they? Things are going just swimmingly for everyone the way they are.

The drug companies are collecting astronomical profits courtesy of US taxpayers with zero legal liability for dangerous and deadly side effects from the experimental jabs foisted on the public.

The FDA faces no criticism for excessive adverse events and deaths arising from an inadequate approval process, and can continue to hide the data. A recent FOIA request for the Pfizer vaccine approval data is being stonewalled by the FDA, claiming it will take 55 years to process the request. This, despite the fact that they were apparently able to review and process the data to approve the original vaccine in less than 108 days.

The FDA execs have the added incentive of becoming fabulously wealthy taking cushy executive jobs in the drug industry once they get their 20-year lavish government pensions. Conflicts of interest abound.

Another obvious question is, why have there been few efforts to identify and study potential effective treatments for Covid, i.e., over-the-counter health supplements and treatments such as vitamin C, D3, zinc, aspirin, nasal flushes, antiseptic mouthwashes, Quercetin, Melatonin, and Famotidine, or the established drugs Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine? In fact, why have these potential treatments been savagely discouraged and ridiculed by the Covidians?

I can understand the drug industry’s disinterest, as this research would be expensive and provide no profits. Instead, it would eliminate the profits from their vaccines.

But why is there no interest in this research from our benevolent federal government? Where is the CDC? Where is Dr. Fauci? They appear to only be interested in enriching the vaccine companies and eliminating our personal freedoms.

Fortunately, some independent alliances of physicians, such as the FLCCC, have performed clinical research and developed thirteen different prophylactic and treatment protocols, most of which incorporate the above treatments and supplements, with either Ivermectin, HCQ, or a combination of both. It is well worth reviewing these in detail and developing your own contingency plans. (ed: For my part, I have lost over 40 pounds over the past two years)

These protocols may or may not be effective for everyone, but at least we know their potential side effects are not serious due to our long experience with their components. That is more than we can say about the questionable and problematic vaccines. We now know they don’t work, have many serious short-term effects, may be making the virus worse, and have unknown long-term adverse effects.

I’m currently reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, in which she celebrates the righteousness of private companies to pursue profit over the “public good”. But I think even she would condemn private industries who conspire with the federal government to force every citizen to purchase (through taxation) and inject an ineffective and potentially dangerous product into their bodies.

The Biden administration has been a complete failure in its ineptness in handling this crisis, perhaps on purpose. The data is destroying the narrative of the “experts”. Logic is the antidote to leftist ideology. The defeat of the Covidians is nigh. Perhaps some time in the future we will look back and either laugh or cry at our naivete and gullibility.

Andrew Thomas 

as published in American Thinker

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