Friday, August 20, 2021

The Dems Are Proving Why Socialism Always Fails

 Our newly-installed government (via total Democrat control) is going down the path of every socialist regime in history. The path always ends in poverty, shortages, and official corruption. The poor and powerless suffer the most. The middle class dissolves into the lower class. Shortages of all the basics for survival become the new normal.

Loyalty to the cause trumps meritocracy. When the “best and brightest” are purged in favor of the most loyal adherents to party doctrine, the result is always the same.

When “insurrectionists” and “white supremacists” (i.e., conservatives and Trump supporters) are hunted down and eliminated from positions in government, including intelligence agencies, the military and law enforcement and replaced with the most “woke”, we have the formula for socialist failure.

As shown in Venezuela, where oil and gas professionals were replaced by incompetent socialist party loyalists. In less than two years, the country went from the most wealthy oil-producing nation in the southern hemisphere to one of the most impoverished.

Here in America, we now have the “woke” military. Even a retreat from a third-world Afghanistan war is mishandled into a disaster.

Who in their right mind is going to sign up to fight and potentially die for these ideologues who spout hatred for the American Caucasian race through critical race theory? Don’t these righteous racist generals realize that 98% of the casualties in Afghanistan were whites who died believing they were fighting for all Americans?

We are following every socialist ideological government down the road to abject failure. Doctrine over competency.

The greatest weakness of socialism is that the leaders don’t recognize the extent of their own incompetencies. The righteousness of their cause blinds them to the misery they create.


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