Thursday, January 21, 2021

Is Q Dead?


 It was exciting while it lasted. We all wanted to believe in a Zorro who comes to the rescue with the sign of a "Q" rather than a "Z". Our hero apparently has feet of clay.

He didn’t ride on a black stallion with his cape, mask and righteous sword to save us from corruption and evil. But it doesn't matter whether Q is real or not.

The power of Q exists.

The left is scared to death of Q and its followers. The power of the federal government and its agencies under leftist control are being aligned against the Q "conspiracy" and its "dangerous" members. Q is their boogeyman. His followers are their worst nightmares.

Being identified as a Q supporter is now an existential threat. The UK Guardian refers to them as “antisemitic” followers who have engaged in violence (posited “evidence-free”, as is their favorite mantra concerning accusations from the right).

The FBI has identified followers as “potential domestic terror threats”. They have erected giant billboards across the country asking people to turn in fellow citizens suspected of crimes protesting against the government. I can’t imagine that leftists would take advantage of this tip line to harass conservatives, can you?

What has happened to America where no federal agency will investigate allegations of widespread election fraud or violent destruction across the country by known subversive organizations, but will actively hunt down individual conservatives who allegedly act out? The answer is that Obama made sure all government agencies were manned and controlled by hard left ideologues.

Soon, it is likely you will need to commit to one of two choices: Live quietly in poverty as a lowly, powerless serf under an oppressive socialist/communist regime (as hundreds of millions of others have done throughout human history), or become an “insurrectionist” as the left now calls conservatives who dare to speak out.

Do nothing overtly illegal (although it is pretty much impossible to not violate some law or statute when resisting those in power, and it is about to get much harder). Don’t make yourself a target. Stay under the radar and off the grid as much as possible. Pay for everything with cash, and stay off of Twitter and Facebook.

Keep putting up Q posters and other messages and signs. Anything with the letter "Q" on it. Keep the "dark conspiracy" of Q alive. That’s still legal free speech, at least for the time being. It will drive them insane. And it may cause them to make some monumental mistakes that will create distraction and confusion, and reduce their power and influence.

This is the true power of Q’s “Great Awakening”. Not a reliance on a mythical Zorro, but a powerful force in which we can all contribute. The underground organization is in place. Anonymity and massive numbers are its strengths. The lines of communication are active. There will be many opportunities for effective non-violent resistance and action.

Remember. all of this is protected by our God-given rights under the U.S. Constitution, just as it has been protecting leftist “insurrectionists” for the past 245 years. Even as the left tries to eliminate these rights and nullify the Constitution, we need to stand strong in the knowledge that our rights come from our Creator and cannot be legitimately removed. If we are weak and give up to the left, it is only because we allowed it to happen.

We are the QAnons who are now highly motivated to take back America and protect our individual freedoms and liberty from a government controlled by corrupocrats and anti-Constitutional radicals. We are ghosts who appear and disappear into the night, driving fear into the dark hearts of evil. Viva Q forever!


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