Saturday, April 25, 2020

Noted Actor Attacked By Giant Mutated Coronavirus

Actor Patrick McGoohan was driving alone on a Southern California beach, when he was viciously attacked by an oversized COVID-19.  This dramatic video was taken as the incident occurred, showing the potentially deadly effects of the Wuhan virus.  It also vividly demonstrates what a cheesy Chinese knock-off this virus actually appears to be.

This is an obviously dangerous mutation of COVID-19 that is currently patrolling the perimeters of our neighborhoods. It is preventing us from leaving our houses and apartments, making us literally prisoners in our own homes.

It has been learned that Mr. McGoohan actually passed away in 2009.  In order to maintain consistency with current medical practice, his death certificate will be updated with COVID-19 listed as the cause of death.

Post-mortem updates of death certificates to include COVID-19 as the primary cause are becoming more common in Democrat-controlled states, where many are still simultaneously voting in elections.



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