Friday, February 22, 2019

Why I'm In Favor Of Reparations

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Yes, I think Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, two Democrat candidates for president who support reparations, are correct.  We need reparations in this country to set things right.  The fact that over 300,000 white Americans sacrificed their lives in the Civil War to end slavery is not enough.

Also, the fact that no other non-African country has ever freely elected a black president or more black elected representatives in their government legislatures is not relevant.  That America has more black millionaires (over 800,000) and black billionaires (a dozen) than any other country in history does not matter.

So America spends more of its GDP on poor black families than any other country, and Americans personally donate more to the poor than any other people on Earth?  That this, the “melting pot” of nationalities, is probably the least racist nation in all of human history?  So what.

We need to hold those responsible for the crime of slavery responsible.  Unfortunately, they are all dead.  But the concept of reparations for past transgressions is a good one, if only those responsible for those transgressions are still here to take the blame.

There have been many American people whose ancestors have suffered under repressive and evil regimes.  My grandparents escaped to America from the horrors of socialism under Communist-controlled Czechoslovakia long after slavery was abolished.

My grandfather told stories of sleeping on a urine-soaked mattress in the hold of a cargo ship on its way to Ellis Island, leaving behind all his family and his livelihood.  He arrived in America with no money or support.

Many others in America share similar stories.  Cubans escaping the socialist regime of Castro’s Cuba.  Chinese running to America to escape the socialism of Sun Yat-sen and Mao Zedong.  Vietnamese leaving everything behind to avoid the clutches of socialist Ho Chi Minh.  Russians emigrating to America from the nightmare of socialists Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin.  Latin Americans from many countries such as Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, still fleeing socialism in caravans by the tens of thousands.

Yes, I’m in favor of reparations for American blacks, to be paid by those responsible for slavery that are still alive.  But only if American socialists pay reparations to the people whose ancestors and relatives have suffered so greatly under their favored form of government.  After all, they are still alive and here to take the blame.


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