Wednesday, September 19, 2018

South Africa déjà vu

Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Zaire/Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Somalia.  All victims to the bloody rise of communism in Africa. 
To paraphrase Agent Smith of The Matrix: You hear that South Africa?... That is the sound of inevitability... It is the sound of your death... Goodbye, South Africa.” 
There appears to be no stopping the descent.  And as SA goes, so goes the continent.
Dave Blount posts an eye-opening piece on the current status of SA in his blog, Moonbattery.
The tragedy unfolding in South Africa is relevant to all of us because it indicates the fate of the West in general if political and demographic trends continue. However, few people in the USA have any understanding of South Africa and its history other than the narrative the liberal media hammered through people’s heads during its campaign to bring down Apartheid. 
He cites horrific details of brutal torture, rape and murder of white citizens (primarily farmers in the north regions) at the hands of black mobs that are rarely brought to justice by the socialist ANC government.  The SA constitution is in the process of being revised to allow the government to seize any lands owned by white farmers without compensation, which will inevitably lead to greater bloodshed. Dave further reports:
Seventy-one percent of children live in households where no one is employed. Fewer work than receive welfare. Democracy under these circumstances is a dysfunctional form of slavery. The state is failing. The straightforward communism that Apartheid defended against is only a step away.
You can't bring this topic up in public, as you will be branded a racist and a liar for lying about the black on white violence in SA. Everyone is getting along fine there, you see. None of the leftist news outlets report any of this, so lefties don't believe it is happening. The media won't touch the forbidden topics of failing socialism, rising communism, or black racism.
However, five years or so from now, after the bloodbath of whites is over and abject poverty and violence are inflicted on the black population, it will be impossible to ignore. Everyone will be "surprised" and "shocked" by the developments there. None of it will be blamed on black racism or socialism, of course.
All you will see will be TV ads with sad music, showing poor black children. "Won't you help save the starving children of South Africa?", the pleading voice will say. "For only $19 a month you can feed and clothe a child".
Dems in Congress will demand that billions in taxpayer funds go to the newly-evolved communist government of SA, to feed the poor, of course. Inevitably, the citizens will remain in poverty and starvation while the leaders of SA mysteriously become fabulously wealthy.
You don’t have to be a California Psychic to know this is exactly what will happen, because it is a recurring sociopolitical phenomenon. Communism is rapidly gaining strength in Africa with the ardent assistance of Russia and China, and is likely to consume the entire continent.

As Africa goes, so goes the world?

Andrew Thomas
As published in American Thinker

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