Friday, June 23, 2017

"Planned Politicalhood" Goes All In

Among the incredible factoids surrounding Democrat Jon Ossoff’s failed special election run for Congress was the unprecedented amount of campaign money donated by outside organizations.  One donor that stands out in particular is Planned Parenthood.  They were surpassed in generosity only by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In 2016, Planned Parenthood donated a total of $689,548 to federal candidates, including $9,613 to Hillary’s campaign for president.  Although the organization donated to the campaigns of 153 House members and 23 senators, only two were Republicans.  99% of Planned Parenthood donations went to Democrats.

However, they have outdone themselves this year.  Planned Parenthood donated $734,780 to a single campaign, Jon Ossoff’s.  That’s $45,232 more than they donated to all 177 candidates for federal office in 2016.

PP also has a “Super PAC”, which spent $14,309,107 in 2016.  This money was used exclusively to defeat Republicans, elect Dems and promote their causes.  The organization should be renamed “Planned Politicalhood”.

The question is, why do the Republicans continue to approve over $500 million a year in funding to an organization that overwhelmingly funds their political opponents and actively works to remove them from office?  Not to mention that Planned Parenthood management makes a wonderful income independently from private donations and the sale of barely used baby parts. 

The follow-up question is, can the Republicans really be that stupid?

Andrew Thomas
as published in American Thinker