Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Leftist (Lack of) Logic

Obama pardons Bradley/Chelsae Manning for stealing highly confidential government secrets and sending them to Wikileaks. Obama sends troops to the Polish/Russian border, threatening war over alleged stealing of e-mails from the DNC and sending them to Wikileaks.

There is no logic in leftist thinking. They intentionally search for ideas that target deconstruction of anything good or decent in America, without any thought about how illogical or self-destructive it is. If it hurts the country and angers the right, then their mission is accomplished.

The insane part of their thinking is that no matter how evil, underhanded, and duplicitous their actions are, they always believe they are doing the right thing. The evil ones are always those who criticize and expose them.
Look at their take on the past election. They don’t believe that their dirty tricks affected the election, they believe it was only affected when “evil” people exposed their dirty tricks.

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