Monday, November 28, 2016

Leftist Jill Stein's (aka Hillary's Henchwoman) Attempt To Steal Election by Recount Looks Dead

At appears that the efforts to change the election by overturning the voter results in three states may be permanently thwarted.  Although the push to recount votes in Michigan and Wisconsin are continuing, Stein missed the deadline for requesting a recount in Pennsylvania.  The significance of this is that including Michigan, Trump has 306 electoral votes.  Even if MI &WI (16 & 10 votes, respectively) were overturned and the votes were given to Hillary, Trump would have 380, still enough to win the presidency.

Hillary & Stein need the 20 electoral votes of Pennsylvania to overturn the election.  Although they have raised a legal challenge in PA to recount, they have their backs up against a wall.  First, they missed the official deadline, which should disqualify them.  Second,  assuming they get a court hearing, they must show convincing evidence of voter fraud, which is highly difficult to prove.  Finally, even overcoming those immense odds, they must overcome a differential of over 70,000 votes in Trump's favor, which is pretty much insurmountable unless massive voter fraud in Trump's favor is found.

Of course, knowing the depth of the trechery and criminality of the left, I suppose anything is possible.  Here's praying that the next 53 days until Trump's inauguration go quickly.


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