Thursday, September 22, 2016

Where is the Racism?

I'm sorry. I'm confused.  Charlotte is in flames in a deadly riot.  White people are called "devils".  The mayor of Charlotte is a white female Democrat, but the police chief is black.  The suspect allegedly had a gun and refused to drop it.  He was shot by a black officer. Where is the racism here?  The fault is entirely on the leftist establishment, headed by Obama, funded by billionaire George Soros.  They spread the gasoline on the nation.  All they were waiting for was a match.  The facts didn't agree with their agenda, so they had to change the facts.  This is absolutely insane.  Does anyone else see this?

Update:  I believe the leftist media has intentionally confused two police shooting incidents ro make it appear that a white cop was involved in both.  This is untrue.  The one described above occured as stated on Sept. 20.  A previous shooting of an unarmed suspect occurred in Tulsa on Sept. 16.  The police officer involved, Betty Shelby (who is white), shot the suspect with a revolver simultaneously with a fellow officer (who is black) using a taser.  I am missing the racism angle here as well, since both officers saw the threat at the same time and reacted.  Tulsa has remained peaceful to date.  I guess Soros can't adequately coordinate two riots simultaneously.


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