Saturday, December 5, 2015

Livin' The American Dream

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were the ideal American couple.  They lived in relative middle-class comfort.  A new six-month old baby rounded out the family.  Relatives lived in the neighborhood, and provided the security of a support group.  She was a typical housewife.  He worked in the biggest growth industry in California - environmental regulation.

It was practically a Norman Rockwell portrait of the idyllic American Muslim family.

And yet, one fine day they left the baby with grandma and calmly slaughtered 14 innocent co-workers at a Christmas party and wounded 20 others.

Their home was a bomb factory and armaments cache.  Possibly one cell of a larger network.

What caused this to happen?  Was it poverty?  No.  Was it isolation or non-acceptance in the community?  No.  Was it unemployment?  No.  Was it American aggression in their homeland?  No, she was Pakistani, he was born in the US.  Was it insanity?  Not likely, they were fully functioning and apparently rational.  Was it climate change?  Don't be stupid.  Perhaps it was an offensive cartoon.

What made Farook associate with known terrorists and Malik pledge allegiance to ISIS?

There is only one possible answer:  Their ardent devotion to Islam.  That is the one and only characteristic that all Islamic terrorists share.  To deny this is ignorant and deadly.

This horrific incident changes everything.  It is now painfully evident that no one (not even their families, apparently) can distinguish between a "moderate" Muslim and a radical Islamist.

This is not to insinuate that all Muslims are terrorists.  But it does call into question the wisdom of opening the gates to tens of thousands of unvettable refugees who may be radicalized or have the potential to be.  If we didn’t see it coming with Syed and Tashfeen, why are we doing this? 

Other than the self-flagellating countries of Europe, who else is accepting these dangerous refugees?  China?  Russia?  India?  Saudi Arabia?  No.  Interestingly, these are also the countries that don’t support climate change propaganda and won’t sacrifice themselves to this false hysteria.

America needs to decide whether it wants to join the world of rationality or the world of self-destruction.

The leftists in power and in the media are in full cover-up mode to protect their agenda.  Their words and actions make them complicit co-conspirators with the Islamic terrorists among us.  This is only the beginning. 

Andrew Thomas

As published in American Thinker

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