Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's All About System Change (To Socialism), Not Climate Change

Good article on the horrors of socialist / communist control of the environment in NRO here.  Environmentalism in America has been totally co-opted by the American Communist Party and the International Socialist Organization (ISO).  So it is finally out in the open.  Climate alarmism is all about killing capitalism and replacing it with a left-wing dictatorship.  "Climate change" is the vehicle to rally the useful idiots.

Capitalism is only an economic system.  It has no political clout on its own.  Socialism, however, like Islamism, is not just an economic system, but a political system and a religion as well (with the State as god).  The main problem with socialism is that once you have the regulators and the regulated working for the same people, corruption inevitably occurs and becomes pervasive.


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