Friday, January 24, 2014

Is This The Last Straw?

Dinseh D'Souza, the filmmaker of 2016: Obama's America, has been indicted and held without bail for contributing too much to a candidate who opposed Hillary Clinton in a run for NY Senator.  This is eerily similar to the imprisonment of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the producer of a YouTube video that was supposedly offensive to Islamists.

Has D'Souza been singled out because he had the audacity to criticize the anointed one, and support a candidate who opposed Hillary?  It certainly appears that the DOJ is selectively enforcing the law in this case.

We know that conservatives are not welcome in Cuomo's New York. Apparently, they are not welcome in Obama's America, either.  Is this the last straw for conservatives and those who oppose the Leninism-Stalinism takeover?



  1. Hi Angel, I put out a morning Conservative newsletter. I'll be posting this article in tomor's, and I've posted one of your graphics in Sundays edition, with attribution, of course.
    I like your work, I hope you approve of my newsletter.
    If you prefer that I don't post your work, let me know.
    ~ Bruce O'Hara ~

  2. Hi there, I appreciate your pages here and the fact that you recognize where this president would like to take us. Hopefully, the GOP can take the Senate this year, and the White House in 2016 and get to work changing things back to a semblance of sanity. I'm sure you'll agree that history does repeat itself unless people are watching out for it, unfortunately for us, there are too many uninformed voters who will go for anything that sounds good, and you can make anything sound good. Just listen to Obama!