Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is the US Army "Crumbling"?

In his latest “dispatch”, independent combat journalist Michael Yon reports that some apparently unstable soldiers from Fort Hood are openly carrying loaded AR-15s into town, intimidating local civilians, and staging armed confrontations with Temple, Texas police. 

According to Yon, one of these soldiers was sent home early from Afghanistan due to “mental issues”.  Is it just me, or does this sound like a recipe for another potential massacre?  At this point, the Army could easily prevent it from happening.  Of course, if something horrible occurs, the President and his anti-second amendment congressional choir will immediately scream for another “assault weapons” ban rather than focus on the incompetence of the military commanders.

Ft. Hood, like other Army bases, is a “gun-free zone”.  We have seen how well that has worked out, haven’t we?   So Ft. Hood soldiers are forbidden from carrying guns on their own base, but are free to openly carry them into US civilian areas. 

Yon reports:

According to the Army Times and many other publications, soldiers from Fort Hood are turning many Texans against them.  The base commander has finally put his boot down as a direct result of one Master Sergeant CJ Grisham who has been staging armed confrontations with police.  [snip]

Though this sergeant has been a perpetual troublemaker, his commanders seem afraid to confront him.  More lately, he has been carrying a loaded AR-15 into Starbucks, McDonald's, Walmart, and other stores.  He was arrested after a staged confrontation with police, wherein he used his crying 15 year-old son to make video of the confrontation.  [snip]

And so now, the base commander has belatedly ordered Grisham and other Army provocateurs to show their ID cards to police when confronted doing their open carry in Starbucks and other establishments.  This is a major and manufactured drama in Texas, instigated by the US Army.

Think about it.  Does this crumbling Army have a chance of winning foreign wars when they are losing Texas?

Shortly after the election of 2008, the Obama administration began rapidly replacing military commanders with less-competent, but more ideologically-pure individuals.  Remember the infamous quote from Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey that having a base littered with scores of US soldiers’ bodies shot by a radical Islamist Army Major shouting “Allahu Akbar!” was a damn shame, but “if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse.”

Pro-Islamist and anti-Christian elements have infiltrated the military from the Pentagon on down with the help of this administration.  A soldier can be prosecuted for expressing his Christian faith, but intimidating civilians and police with military weapons is A-OK.

We may be witnessing the intentional disabling of our military as a deterrent to foreign threats, while at the same time turning it against its own citizens.

Andrew Thomas
As published in American Thinker


  1. I think you have the most important aspect of this issue wrong. In Texas, open carry of a long gun is legal. Our soldiers understand how important the 2nd amendment is and are exercising their rights in spite of an increasingly intrusive government. This is the source of the problem; it is not that they are "terrorizing" the citizens. Holding a firearm does not make one a criminal in Texas - yet.