Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do You STILL Believe in Global Warming?

It has been more and more apparent now that the so-called "scientific" papers being published and touted by the Warmist cult are nothing more than political screeds, totally lacking in factual data.  These studies are riddled with phony calculations and false conclusions.

As evidence, I recently published an article titled "Global Warming Responsible for Epidemic of Rail Disasters?" in American Thinker (see below).  Although the article was clearly labeled as "satire" at the top of the article, it was picked up and re-published by a number of Warmist blogs and leftist sites, including Time Warner Cable (embarrassingly removed a few hours after posting), as a serious scientific treatise.  It is clear that anyone who blames global warming for any phenomenon whatsoever gains instant credibility with the true believers, and their ramblings are readily published as fact.

It must be obvious to any unbiased observer that these climate change experts are constantly changing their stories and adjusting their theories to coincide with reality.  As it is now widely known that the Earth hasn't gotten any warmer for the past twenty years, they are scrambling to explain the discrepancy with unscientific guesswork. 

A flurry of conflicting explanations are now desperately spewing from Warmist research papers and blogsites, including volcanic action, cold Pacific ocean effects, deep ocean heat storage, Chinese air pollution, and whacky water vapor changes.  Of course, these are all wild speculations, with no credible evidence to support any of them.  These are truly signs of desperation, with Warmist reputations and a political agenda to protect.

For even more convincing evidence of the total sham of Global Warming / Climate Change / Whatever We Want To Call It Today, read James Delingpole's article in The Telegraph.



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