Sunday, June 16, 2013

Global Cooling Deniers?

Do you want to know how to determine when a politician is lying (aside from when his lips are moving)? They are lying anytime they say they are doing something for your welfare, but doing it takes away personal freedom from you and gives more power to them.  It is all about ever-expanding control over the populace by the ersatz ruling class.

 The only time you can possibly believe a politician is telling the truth is when he or she is offering something that is against their own self-interest.

 Global warming is the cause of scoundrel politicians and "political" scientists. They all have something to gain, and you have your freedom to lose. The "science" is an illusion and a transparent lie based on doctored data and corrupted computer models.

 None of these scoundrels benefit from the concept of "global cooling". And yet, more and more honest, legitimate scientists are coming to this conclusion.  I tend to believe them over the alternative.  Perhaps the advocates of global warming will become global cooling deniers.

 In fact, my solution to global cooling is to pump more CO2 and carbon particulates from burning coal into the atmosphere. This will produce what I call a "greenhouse effect" which may actually save humanity. I think God loves irony.


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