Saturday, October 6, 2012

Obama's Cover-Up Meltdown

A released State Department e-mail reveals that despite pleas from the US embassy in Lybia, additional security for the anniversary of 9-11 was denied by the Obama administration.  The only thing worse than the monumental incompetence and maliciousness of Obama's governance is his pathetically transparent attempts to cover up the incompetent actions and malicious intent with in-your-face blatant lies to the American public.  The only thing preventing public outrage is the refusal of a co-conspiritorial Ruling Class Media to report anything that might be negative to Obama. 

This is beginning to change, however.  After Obama's disasterous debate debacle, support among his syncophantic supporters is starting to erode.  The media is waking up to the fact that they have been thoroughly and obviously in the tank for a complete loser.  The evidence:  A few weeks ago, you never would have heard a peep about this story.  Today, it was broken by ABC News.  The Obama firewall is breaking down.

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