Thursday, September 27, 2012

Was the "Innocence of Muslims" Film a Terrorist Plot?

A former member of the Muslim Brotherhood claims that the "Innocence of Muslims" film trailer that supposedly caused hundreds of thousands of angry Islamists to simultaneously riot in a dozen Islamic countries was in fact a "false flag" operation orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

Walid Shoebat, a former terrorist sympathizer, now a self-described "peace activist" accuses the filmmakers of using false identities and religious backgrounds to make it appear that the film was produced by anti-Muslim Coptic Christians. The filmmakers, he claims, are actually Muslim drug dealers who were working in coordination with the Brotherhood to produce the exact results we are now witnessing:

Political upheaval in the Mideast, subverting any attempts at democracy. Continued anger and violence against Christians and Jews. Weakening US influence in the area. Destroying our First Amendment right of free speech to silence Americans, and replacing it with a global Anti-Blasphemy law as the beginning of a movement toward global Sharia law.

Read Mr. Shoebat's shocking article here.  James Simpson puts it all together in his article in "Accuracy in Media".

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