Thursday, July 12, 2012

If Obama Inherited a Big Mess in 2009, What Will He Do With the Bigger Mess He Inherits in 2013?

The US economy did not go south until after 2010, with a Democrat-controlled House and Senate.  Bush didn't help the situation, but what would Obama have done differently?  Obama has never provided a coherent answer to this question.  Obviously, the Bush tax cuts were not responsible for this mess, otherwise why would Obama say he wants to extend them, at least for 98% of the population?

Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for the last two years of Bush's administration.  Why didn't they stop him from over-spending, if that was the right thing to do in their minds?  Whenever excessive government spending under Obama is raised as an issue, the retort is that Bush did it as well.  The truth is that Bush could not have done this on his own.  He merely (and unfortunately) allowed the Democrat Congress to do it.  Yes, the Medicare prescription drug expansion was his idea, but many Democrats argued that it didn't go far enough.

So the question is, if the Democrats really have the solutions to save the economy, did they purposely destroy it to get Obama elected or are they perpetually inept?  And what will Obama do with the next mess he inherits if he is re-elected?  Questions to pose to your liberal friends and family...


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