Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is America's Fate Preordained?

I’m not one to believe that history can be extrapolated in a straight line to determine the future. There are many possible paths that can be taken that will result in extremely different outcomes. Unfortunately, if we fast-forward time from our present position, the potential outcomes are not promising. International politics are coming together in a direction that is very disturbing, if not horrific.

Our staunchest ally, Western Europe, is severely weakened, perhaps mortally wounded by economic chaos. With the support of a leftist political culture, the UK and countries of the EU are inevitably being converted into dhimmitude (i.e., subjugation to Islam).

Russia, wrestling with institutionalized government corruption, is beset by Islamist terror beyond our comprehension in the West. Surrounded by Islamic countries acting like a pack of ravenous jackals, they are bringing Russia to its knees by taking numerous small bites through terrorist attacks on innocent citizens. This will eventually lead to a collapse of the Russian government.

The Middle East, eternally unstable, is now the center of the global maelstrom. Thanks to Jimmy Carter and the fall of the Shah, Iran has become the focus of radical Islamist power. Pakistan, a nation filled with Islamic radicals, possesses nuclear weapons. Iran is only perhaps months away from attaining the same status. Once Egypt falls to Islamist rule (and that is almost a foregone conclusion), what will prevent the rest of the Middle East dominos from falling? And once they fall, will they meld into a radical Islamic nuclear superpower?

Israel is then absolutely and irrevocably done for. Surrounded by an unabated enemy with advanced Russian, Chinese, and US weaponry, nuclear weapons, and at least ten times the troop strength, what possible chance do they have to survive? Israelis, as Helen Thomas so eloquently put it, will have to go back “home” before they are slaughtered. If this happens, I hope most of them will immigrate to the US, where they could help tip the balance against the Islamization of our country.

What other allies can the US count on? China is an economic competitor and a political enemy. Their communist government has only one concern: The survival and proliferation of their culture over all others. We are indebted to them for the next fifty years at least, and much longer if our wise leaders decide they need to run up the debt for more porkulous “investments”. This has put us at a grave disadvantage to an enormously powerful adversary.

Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, will eventually be under the rule of Hugo Chavez at the current rate of its decline into socialism. Hugo’s alliances with Iran and North Korea portend a new military stronghold and nuclear power that will be decidedly anti-American in nature.

How has this happened in such a short period of time? There is really only one plausible answer. The US has become a weak nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. It is now vulnerable to attack from a wide variety of enemies, and now is the time for them to strike.

Once you start pulling on the threads, you can see that none of this is occurring by accident or random event. It is becoming clearly evident that this is a well-orchestrated plan being carried out by American and international leftist groups in collusion with radical Islamic organizations and terrorist sympathizers. There is significant evidence of a long list of co-conspirators which include organizations actively supported by certain Democrat members of Congress and the President himself. You can use the following links to begin to trace these myriad connections here and here.

How did we get to this point? We elected a body of progressives to run our government who do not have this country’s best interests at heart. At the center, our current president is “Post-American”, i.e., an anti-American globalist. I don’t think it’s necessary to reference the innumerable comments he has made in his speeches that support this contention. You can read about it in Pamela Geller’s book.

What is the likely outcome? If, as I said at the beginning of this piece, history is extrapolated in a straight line, the US will become an island unto itself within a short period of time. We will be mortally threatened by almost every other nation on Earth. We are currently preventing ourselves from using our own domestic oil and other fossil fuel energy resources to sustain ourselves. Once economic chaos inevitably ensues, our internal socialist/progressive enemies will stir unrest and stage riots similar to those in Egypt until the US government collapses and falls into their hands.

How can this straight-line extrapolation into the future be diverted? Just starting to talk about it and exposing this corrupt plot to the American public can facilitate disruption of the path we are on. However, I can see three possible major factors involved in this dynamic. At least one or more of these must occur (or some combination with lesser factors) to change our current direction.

One: This series of events is delayed until a new, highly competent executive administration is placed into office in 2012, an administration that will reverse the current global view of the US as weak and vulnerable. There is absolutely no chance of this happening if Obama is re-elected. Of the potential Republican candidates on the horizon, I do not see many that could accomplish this. John Bolton is a possible exception as a dark horse candidate who intimately understands global politics.

Two: An unforeseen cataclysm takes place that restructures the forces of power and disrupts socialist/Islamic plans for global control. This could take the form of a nuclear attack on or by Israel. It could be a major conflict or war involving the US. Perhaps even a natural disaster of global proportions could occur, e.g., massive volcanic activity, a pandemic, or a meteor strike, although these are obviously not as likely as a man-made cataclysm.

Three: A large portion of the American people becomes aware of these approaching dangers in time for them to mobilize and dramatically influence the US government to prevent this global disaster by changing our current course. The Tea Party may be the only hope to accomplish this scenario, but they would need to organize rapidly and present a very forceful political front once again.

Extremely turbulent times are ahead. Unless something bends history from its current course very soon, the American Experiment may be a minor footnote in the book of time.


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