Monday, July 5, 2010

Where our Stimulus Tax $$$ Have Gone

•$5 million to create a geothermal energy system for a shopping mall in Tennessee. The mall is over half empty of tenants and has had falling shopper attendance for years

•$1.57 million to Penn State University study fossils in Argentina

•$100,000 to a puppet theater in Minnesota

•$2 million to build a replica railroad tourist trap in Carson City, Nev.

•A boat cruise company in Chicago got almost $1 million to “combat terrorism”

•$500,000 went to Ariz. State Univ. to study ant genetics

•Another $450,000 went to Uinv. of Arizona to study ants

•Almost $400,000 went to Univ. of New York to pay students to drink beer and smoke marijuana for a study there

•$219,000 to the Nat’l Institute of Health to study if young people “hook-up” after getting drunk

•$210,000 to the Univ. of Hawaii to study bees

•$700,000 to crab fishermen in Oregon to pay for lost crab pots

•$5,000 a person tax rebate if you buy a new electric golf cart

•Up to $1 million went to prisoners in $250 stimulus checks

•$54 mil to a New York Indian tribe to run its casino

•$1 billion for a power plant in Mattoon, Illinois that is based on speculative science and may not even work

•$15 million to back-road bridges that get little traffic in Wisconsin

•$800,000 for a practically unused airport in Pennsylvania

•$3.4 million for an animal walk way under a road in Florida

•$1.15 million to install a guard rail for a lake that doesn’t even exist in Oklahoma

•$10 million to renovate a rail station that has stood unused for a decade

•$578,000 to battle homelessness in Union, New York even though the town says they have no homeless people there

•$233,000 to the Univ. of Calif. to study why Africans vote… in Africa

•$2 million to build a new fire house in a Nevada town that has no firemen

•North Carolina schools got $4.4 million for literacy and math coaches… to teach their teachers!

•$54 million for a railroad project in Napa Valley went to a minority-owned company that then hired a local construction company for half the price, pocketing the rest

•A California company was given $15 million in stimulus money to monitor water quality in a stream it was under indictment for polluting previously
See the original article in for the sources of the above information.  This man-caused disaster to our economy was for nothing but graft, corruption, and vote-buying.



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