Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teabaggers Riot, Threaten Democrat Family

Well, they have finally done it!  We told you those Teabaggers were dangerous and potentially violent.  Now they have stormed into a private residence and terrorized a young teenager alone inside the house with their screaming and ranting.  They were threatening a family, whose husband and wife worked in the Clinton administration.  I hope now Janet Nepalitano will hunt down and imprison every one of those right-wing nut-case domestic terrorists!  Oh, wait.  Those aren't Teabaggers.  They're SEIU.  Sorry, never mind.

By the way, police were called to the scene, but refused to respond as they were afraid they would incite the mob of union thugs further.

On the other hand, a real Tea Party protest consisting mostly of a handful of families and grandmothers in Quincy, IL was decended upon by riot police called for by President Obama.  Obviously, he knows a violent crowd when he sees one.  They were ordered to the side of the street and they quietly complied.

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