Friday, January 22, 2010

The Delusional Left

by Aaron Gee

In the furtive imagination of the left Americans want Obamacare (regardless of the polls), the President has been bipartisan, and Americans want the government to spend more. This is scary stuff. The denial and calls to push through Obamacare regardless of public opinion speaks volumes of the lefts commitment to a democracy (or rather their lack thereof).

Regardless of polls, votes, millions of tea party protesters the left blindly believes what it wants. After listening to and reading article after article on the Massachusetts election it is clear that there are only two conclusions one could possibly draw with respect to the left in this country.

1. The left is delusional and no amount of fact, public opinion or real world results will change their world view.
2. The left doesn't care what the people think (and are therefore anti-democratic by definition)

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