Thursday, September 3, 2009

ObamaCare will deny health treatment to Republicans…Farfetched, right?

A recent mailing from RNC Chairman Michael Steele includes a typical “push poll” and an appeal for donations. This particular fundraising message includes the suggestion that Democrats could use the release of personal information mandated by the Obama healthcare bill to determine your political persuasion and as a result “GOP voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment”.
Of course, this is patently absurd. It could never happen in a free civil society like ours. All right, there is some evidence that ObamaCare may ration health services to seniors due to the fact that their lives are of lesser value to society than a younger person’s. But a person’s political beliefs certainly don’t impact his value to society, do they?
Well, OK, the DNC may consider opponents to their policies “right wing domestic terrorists”. But I’m sure Democrats wouldn’t devalue the lives of conservative opponents just because they consider them “terrorists”, would they? Don’t be silly.
But the crux of my argument is that it would be ethically and morally repugnant and totally unimaginable for one political party (especially one as ethically and morally pure as the Democrat party) to punish private citizens based on their political party affiliation. Oh, except for that little episode of Obama taking over GM and Chrysler, and then targeting the dealerships of those owned by Republican contributors for closure.
Well, there you go. This irresponsible assertion by the RNC has absolutely no evidence to support it. This is unabashed Republican fear-mongering and is totally farfetched. Of course, if you asked me what was farfetched six months ago…

Andrew Thomas aka Angel
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