Monday, September 14, 2009

It Is All Unraveling

Everything has changed. Nothing will ever be the same again. We have learned how to change the future and our destiny. The carefully laid plans of the evil corrupt denizens of Washington and the radical left are now being exposed to the light...the light of millions of everyday Americans finally discovering their power to overcome those who would enslave them. ACORN is crumbling before our eyes. Their corrupt path to our esteemed President Evil is about to be exposed. The dominos are beginning to fall, and soon the entire fascist dreams of the left will collapse. It is apparent now. We are winning, and we cannot be stopped. Our anger, our outrage, our energy to defeat those who seek to destroy our country has been focused. We will not falter. We are ready again, as in generations past, to fight to the death for our freedom and liberty. This is a seminal moment in history.

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