Friday, May 15, 2009


“Do you want to see something really scary?” - Dan Aykroyd in The Twilight Zone Movie

I am tempted to play movie critic and analyze conspiracy-theorist Alex Jones’ newest horrific documentary, “The Obama Deception” as a movie review spoof. However, that’s just too much effort for too little gain. Let me just say that the film is a large scoop of probably delusional paranoia mixed with sprinkles of very scary facts and suppositions. I say “probably” because it is getting harder and harder to stay rooted in rationality when the world around us is rapidly going madder and madder. Is the Trilateral Commission actually planning a one-world government? Is the Bilderberg Group really an evil cabal plotting the enslavement of humanity? Are the members of the Council on Foreign Relations about to become rulers of the Earth? Who knows? They are comprised of the world’s richest and most powerful elites who like to meet in secret. Maybe they’re just planning President Obama’s next birthday party.

There are some genuinely blood-curdling moments in this fear-fest. They gather like dark storm clouds toward the movie’s conclusion, building to a crescendo with an ominous, goosebump-inducing soundtrack. Questions arise from the mirk: How is it so many in Obama’s cabinet and staff belong to these secretive groups? Is it really possible that the meticulously well-plotted and executed agenda of Obama’s early reign is purely the product of Obama’s and Rahm Emanuel’s strategic skills? Or are unseen others of far greater intelligence pulling the strings? Finally, how can you not rationally conclude from this Administration’s unprecedented and inexplicable actions that a grander plan must be afoot? Each chapter of Barackula’s plot has been unveiled one carefully-planned step at a time while we helplessly shudder with ever-greater revulsion. The film extrapolates this hideous data and connects the dots to expose its bone-chilling, nightmarish conclusions (albeit shaky – decide for yourself). As they say, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.


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