Monday, February 16, 2009

Shaman Shamboozle Redux

Obama advisor David Axelrod announced on Sunday that the positive affects of the Democrat “Stimulus” plan would soon be apparent, and the economy will quickly recover. This is an amazing proclamation, since there is almost nothing in the bill that would stimulate the economy in the short term. How is it then that he makes this prediction so confidently?

I believe the answer is in what I call the “Shaman Shamboozle”. I wrote a blog piece on this strategy last month in American Thinker in reference to the global warmists and their desperate need to enact “green” legislation before the Earth gets any colder. The same principle applies here.

An economic eclipse occurs. Our wealth, our jobs, and our security (i.e., the Sun) are swallowed by an evil spirit in the form of potential economic collapse (the Moon). The President and his Democrat Congress (the tribal Shamans) warn that the evil will be “irreversible” unless the tribe pays homage and makes sacrifices. Once the tribe concedes out of fear, the Shamans quickly react by brewing up a stimulus potion filled with turkey feathers and eye of newt (not Gingrich). They throw this package at the Moon and its powerful magic makes the evil spirit surrender the Sun. After that, no one dares question the power and wisdom of the Shamans. The trick, of course, is that they must act quickly before the eclipse ends on its own. This is how Obama and his fellow witch doctors will cement their hold over the tribe.


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  1. With all this talk of a second "stimulus" package and this $275 billion mortgage package to help $9 million families (why not just give each family $9 million? It'd be cheaper) I think the hope is to keep the sun eclipsed as long as possible.

    I think several groups including Wall Street and the people of the home building sector need to give up hope that the government can do anything to help them, let the market find its own bottom even if it's is south of 6000 for the Dow, and then start building up again.

    What this current "crisis" should be teaching all of us is the government isn't the answer, and in fact many government policies and much apathy by the Dems regarding subprime loans exacerbated the problem.

    What would be truly helpful was a media that was more interested in facts and less in promoting a certain ideology.