Sunday, January 25, 2009

Letter Of The Law

Apparently, owing $1,000 in back taxes is a very serious offense. So heinous is this crime that the news media will befoul your good name and destroy your reputation. So vile and reprehensible a transgression does this represent that government officials will illegally search your confidential files in an attempt to crush you into oblivion. It absolutely disqualifies you from being a credible private citizen. For example, it denies you the right to ask a presidential candidate a legitimate question. Such is the case of Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, a horribly wretched soul.

But wait! What if Joe illegally owed $42,000 in back taxes and penalties? Wouldn’t he be thrown into the blackest hole of Calcutta and flogged until there’s nothing left but teeth and bone fragments? Not so for Tim “The Treasury Man” Geithner. Instead, he is awarded the most powerful money management job in the country by the Democrat-controlled Congress! Do you think it would be a problem for Joe if he neglected to pay taxes on $75,000 in rent income? Not if he changed identities with Democrat congressman Charlie “Angel” Rangel. He would then be qualified to manage the US tax code as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

Following the letter of the law depends on the letter. In the court of the mainstream media, “tax cheat” is followed by an (R) while “innocent mistake” is followed by (D).

Andrew Thomas
aka Angel Artiste
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